Monday, October 17, 2011

                       College Homecoming '11

                                Can you go home again?
                            Will it seem the same?

College was one of the best times of my life... my first time away from home and I was soooo ready!

Scary making decisions on my own.... but I needed to do that to become my own independent self.

I was tired of living in a town where I knew everyone since first grade.

Tired of pigeon-holing myself into a category of what was expected of me.

Tired of the same ol', same ol'.

(And I can imagine my mother was ready for some peace and quiet!)

I really did a lot of growing up in those four years... not easy to say the least.  But what a way to go!

How fabulous to open your dorm room door to be greeted by the buzz of friends in the hall.
Walk across the campus to your next class seeing so many new faces!

Meet up with friends to decide where you were going for dinner that night.. or what party you'd go to.

Flirting with the boys and wondering which sorority to join.

FALL was the BEST time of the year for me.  The colored leaves...
crunching them as I walked to class..
the smell... that incredible smell in the air....
the football games...
cozy, rainy days where you wished for homemade chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven..
and your mom bringing the warm ones on a plate to you in your room...
listening to James Taylor.. Crosby,Stills, Nash and Young.... Carly Simon..

I have been lucky to "go back home again".  My youngest son is attending the same college.
He has joined the same fraternity as his dad... yes, his dad and I were college sweethearts.
He has fallen in love with a New England girl... yes, I am from New England.
He lived on North Campus, in the same dorm, on the same floor as I did... that is bizarre!!

And I am thrilled that he is creating his own memories!  
                                   the band at football games...

Can you go back home again?  Will it be the same?
No, but "like, Wow, man!"... it sure does feel good!!! 


  1. Welcome to Blogland Kadee!!! I am so excited that you are Blogging now! You did a great job with your first post!!!

    *throwing confetti*


  2. great first post!!! missing you, xo connie

  3. Love your memories of those college days!!!!

  4. Thanks, girls, for the positive responses! Taking baby steps on this.. so much to learn. You all have set the bar high with your great blogs.. I love to follow them!!

  5. Way to go Kadee! Congtrats on your new 'baby'. I've bookmarked the page and will follow faithfully.

    Related to college... I've loved all of my adult phases of life. But each year gets better and better!

  6. Yea, Shawn... glad you're on board and thanks for complement on my blog. As I've said, baby steps! I agree with your comment on adult phases of life. But for me, virgin experiences always hold a special place in my memory.