Saturday, October 22, 2011

Look What You've Done To Me, Tim Gunn! (Part 1)

                                                                 My Kinda Town.. Chicago is!

Each year Chicago hosts "the art of FASHION" and each year I wait for the

 opportunity to purchase a VIP Pass.  It's so worth the money as it gets you a

 goodie bag that is AMAZING!.. gets you early entrance.... and gets you

 appetizers... drinks... and first dibs on seating. So, with precious ticket firmly

 clutched in hand, I hailed a cab to take me to this........

                                                  entrance of the fashion tent

The excitement and anticipation was palpable!  The weather? PERFECT for an

 October evening. As I waited in line to get my VIP wristband that assures early

 entrance PLUS ... did I mention, AMAZING goodie bag???!!!! ... I watched the

 newbies giddy with excitement and the rather calmer demeanor of those of us

 who have attended before.  Yeah, right! I was chatting with anyone who

 would listen... striking up conversations with newfound "friends". I couldn't

help myself!  I mean, seriously... years of being an avid fan of  Project

Runway has left me loving everything about the creative process of being a

fashion designer.  And like the finalists on the show, I pass out at the thought

of being anywhere near a runway!  The energy!!!

With wristband on, I now enter the tent.  Oh,my gosh..... music blaring... the

 vibration of many conversations going on at once... cameras being flashed,

 both professional and amateur... waiters struggling to get past the throng of

 people as they do their job of offering hors d'oeuvres to those anxious to

 nibble. And the people watching!  I had lots of time to mingle and politely

ask if I could take photographs of some of the most interesting people there.

Such as these great individuals...

                                          a stylist who was very concious of the position of her body when she posed

                                                                                    seriously... how adorable!!
                                check out the jewelry that she designed.. turns out she was one of the designers showing her line
                                                                                              I had no clue! 
                                                                                                 Love them!!!!!

And then time to be seated!  There weren't assigned seats.  A wise person knew

 to be at the front of the line and not feel any compunction about standing your

 ground.  After all, it's all about a great view and chance to see the designs up

 close!  Not embarrassed to say I was among them. But I did it with as much

 grace as I could muster!  And where did I sit?  Second row, aisle seat,middle of

 the runway.  Scored!!!!  I now had more opportunities to people watch such

as these people....

                                                    love the casual hair ...  check out the black gloves on her hands
                                                                                he's pretty amazing, too!

                                                   A woman of age who's stylin'.  She stood up and the necklace of chains
                                                   went down the front and around the back so it became an article of
                                                                             clothing!  All one piece!  Love the glasses!

                                                       A volunteer for the show.  Great haircut... great geek-chic
                                                       glasses and a piercing on her upper lip that did not look
                                                                   out of place on her.  Sorry that it doesn't show
                                                                                        in this photo

Then.... the lights dim... the roar of the crowd grows quiet.... 

and the show begins!!

Check back for Part II!!!


  1. What a fun night you must have had...that is pretty incredible for this gal that lives in the middle of nowhere in OKie land. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and thanks for sharing with the rest of us.

  2. It was serious fun! Just wait until I post about the fashions and then show what was in the goodie bag!

  3. Hey Kadee! Thanks so much for sharing. I love the pics of the different people at the show ... especially the lady in the leopard coat holding the vitamin water! so precious. I'll have to go for sure next year!

  4. Wasn't she adorable? And just so sweet when I asked if I could take her picture! Yes, I will make sure you know when it is next year!