Sunday, October 23, 2011

Look What You've Done To Me, Tim Gunn! (Part 2)

There is an audible gasp as everyone recognizes that the show is about to begin!

Music vibrates in the tent as the first designer's model starts walking down the runway.

DISCLAIMER: I will have to apologize for the quality of the photos.  My little point

and shoot did it's best to capture the clothes and models.  But I now understand why

so many bloggers progress to a "big girl" camera!  And good grief!  It sure is hard to

multi-task as I so desperately wanted to inhale the moment as each girl walked down

the runway.  So, there is my humble apology.

Now... let's begin!!

Notice this designer's signature loose style with an edge.  The shorts were darling!

Very short with rolled cuffs and grommets. Nice touch to the flowing, tunic top.

Love, love, love this one!  The hard with the soft.  The "edge" with the feminine.  Love the armband!

This designer also created a lot of movement in her pieces with the embellishment of

simple, ruffled detailing.  Think of a rippled shoreline where the water has created

patterns in the sand.  That was the same feeling here.  Again... love the armbands!!

A rocker's edge.

This was one of my better shots.. thank you very much!!

Same designer.... my favorite!

Great color combinations!  This was the second designer.  The model gave me a chuckle

as she reminded me of a stepford wife.  So perfect!  She maintained that blank model

stare the whole time.

Two models going down the runway at once makes such an impact.  The luxurious red hair is to die for.

As you can tell, this designer was into soft fabrics that dictate a 70's ultra feminine feel.

This was not one of my better photos.  It shows me flip-flopping between being in awe

of this top and knowing that I needed to snap her picture.  What it is to show is a

casual, breezy summer top that could be dressed up or down.  Nice combination with

the skirt.

Ok... this designer was also one of my favs!  Each model rocked the geek-chic glasses.

The point of view strikes a resemblance to fashion in the 70's.  I actually remember

sewing a dress similar to one shown back then.  Love.. love... love!!!!

               There's that darling, perfect stepford wife!!  So feminine for spring!

                                                        Beautiful overlay!

                                                          Mod influence!

                                                         Gasps!  Applause!!

I remember this model from last year.  Her walk was so unique.  Step with left foot...

cock head to left.  Step with right foot .... cock head to right.  All with attitude!

And she's adorable!  Hard to see the detailing in this photo but very luxurious

and detailed.

                                                      The long and short of it!

                                                             To die for!

           GRAND FINALE:  The designers walking down the runway

                                        with one of their models ....

Forty minutes... 10 emerging designers.... over way to quickly.  Push the "replay" button!

Ok... some real critiquing???  Michael Kors and Nina Garcia were each sitting on one of

my shoulders as some of the garments came down the runway.

"Look at those seams!!!  Before you send that down the runway, press them.  They're

puckering all over the place!"

"That skirt!  No woman would be caught dead wearing something that had a tuck taken

in between her butt cheeks!  What were you thinking?"

Seriously, even as I write this I can hear them speaking those very words.  BUT those

were the few exceptions.  There was some serious designing going on that night!  And

they gave me an experience that will hold me for a while.

                     Another beautiful, inspiring evening in Chicago.  Until next year.......


  1. I die. My favorite one was the second one...hard with the soft....OMG I love it!

    You lucky gal to have gotten to go!


  2. We should go shopping, Lulu!! I die, too!!