Monday, October 31, 2011

Most of my creative energy goes into decorating my home.  I want to 

show you my lastest addition......

The mini-chandelier in my studio was bought more for ambiance 

than lighting.  But it's charm was missing when I originally had

traditional white shades on it.  A bit stodgy!  One night, I just took 

them down and ripped off the fabric trying not to remember how much 

they cost!  Don't you just love doing that?  Taking something

apart with complete abandonment??  Staring at their poor

little skeletal shape I proceeded to create a new attitude for 


Using a cotton, gauzy fabric (which I coffee stained), I sewed a

tube which I slipped over the frame.

I did a gathering stitch around the one end as that would help make

it more evenly distributed when gluing to the frame.  I'm afraid if you

didn't it would effect the attachment at the other end.  Get out

the ol' trusty glue gun and have at it!  Glue gathered top first

then glue the bottom.

This is the completed look.  I made the tube about 4 inches

wider than the base so that would leave a full look.  And I

made it taller so that I could play with the extra fabric, gluing it

to create a draped appearance.  The lining fabric now has a

more vintage feel. 

Now for the fun part.. and the part that takes the longest for me.

Wham!.. bam! decision making is NOT my forte!  Going through my

stash of vintage, crocheted doilies I found those that draped well 

and glued that over my base fabric.  Final decisions made were

to use burlap.. hey!  I washed it like I had read about it and it 

works!! ...  tulle, more of the coffee-stained lace, and I made

rosettes from silk.  Embellished those with pearls (would you

expect anything else from me??!!) and rhinestones.  Voila!!!!

I also made the cord cover and my back this morning is not

thanking me from the contortions I made to get it up there!

The price one pays for creativity!  It was worth it!!


  1. Ohhhhhhhh Kadee! This is the just the prettiest! I love it!! Great job Girlie!

    Happy Scary Day!


  2. Thanks so much, Lulu! I just bought 15 watt bulbs as anything higher got a bit too hot for the fabric. Gesh... don't want to burn the house down!