Thursday, November 3, 2011

Blink 'em.. Blink 'em ... Blink 'em..

I discovered a passion for auctions while living in a suburb of Des

Moines, Iowa.  Had not a clue that that even interested me.. never

had that gnaw at me at any point in my life.  Until then.  This book

is filled with every purchase I made along with a running commentary 

about where I was that day, what the item looked like, excitement over 

being the highest bidder (gee... that doesn't sound right, does it??!!)

and even comments about "dumb" purchases as a result of being 

overzealous.  The auctions were usually held Thursday through Sunday

and I couldn't wait to get in my red, Chevy Tahoe and head out 

into the country.  Oh!.... let me just tell you, I thought I'd died and 

gone to heaven! Imagine driving up to a farmer's field... sun beating

down on you... fresh air filling your lungs.. to see straight ahead at 

least two or more flatbeds piled with "smalls" and larger pieces placed

around the perimeter.  Standing in the middle of all of that is the 

auctioneer.  The cadence of his voice could put you in a trance as he

asks for bids.  If he sensed hesitancy in the crowd, this particular

auctioneer would say.. "blink 'em, blink 'em, blink 'em" while staring

at those showing promise- hoping to get them to raise their hand

one more time.  Don't ask me why he chose those words, it was just

his particular nuance.  And one I will never forget!

Fast forward to the present.  I now peruse the classifieds for estate

sales... preferring the older homes.  I know family have picked items

that meant the most to them, leaving the rest for strangers to 

rummage through. I get a little wistful thinking

about who lived there and that I am taking a part of their life.  

For instance, this is a dress that a woman had sewed for a special 

occasion.  A short, capped-sleeved tunic with a sleeveless shift

underneath.  Can't you just imagine the story behind it??  The fabric is

 something I haven't seen before........

Just gorgeous!  And it's now mine.  And I'm grateful.  It got me to

thinking about all the things I have collected over the years.  Will my

sons and future daughter-in-laws want them?  You know, it won't

bother me if they don't.  As I have this philosophy.. that the things I 

bought gave ME pleasure and come with no strings attached to be

handed down.  And I wonder if that is how this woman, who's dress

I now own, feels.  That somewhere up in heaven she remembers that

gay party filled with laughter, good friends and food, and dancing

into the wee hours of the morning!  And having a smile on her face 

knowing she sewed the prettiest dress in the room!


  1. Kadee. Estate sales to me are both hopeful and sad. Hope that we will find that perfect treasure, but somewhat sad that someone's life is laid out for all to see. So glad to see you found your treasure!

  2. You and I are on the same page, Shawn! I stop at opening bedroom dresser drawers. I did that once and it felt so intrusive and disrespectful. And when going through piles of linens I always make sure to keep it neat. I know, silly.. but that's me.