Sunday, November 20, 2011


Ok... I know!  Who wants to look at someone's feet, right?  But

just give me a moment to explain.  And I have to backtrack to

get there so just bear with me. I basically was raised by my grandmother.

Yes, mom was there but as she had to work to pay the bills I basically was 

raised by a very proper woman.  She clung to the rules of what was

expected from a lady and tried her best to pass it on down to another 

generation... me!!  Gesh!  THAT was a tough one to swallow!  Girls did

not play sports, were quiet in public places, polite, courteous, and dressed

like a lady.  And heaven knows... only racy women would wear black.  I

kid you not!  I was raised to not wear black!  Let me clarify that... not 

wear a black dressy dress.  Phew!  For a minute there, I almost had you 

believing that I would not wear my black turtleneck with my yellow plaid, kilt

skirt with black tights.  Loved that outfit!  Copied it out of Seventeen 

Magazine!  I digress... sorry!

Next scene to present to you was when I was a young, married woman about

27 years of age.  Did I dare???  Yes, I did!  I bought a dressy black dress for

a business dinner.  I was feeling a bit naughty.  And I couldn't wait to show

my best girlfriend.  I led her into the bedroom, straight to the closet.  Open

the door to present my "mature, coming-of-age" black dress.  You should 

have seen the expression in her eyes.  And now that I think back it causes

me to shake my head and just laugh.  It was long-sleeved, buttoned up 

to the neck and down to the knees.  Oh, yeah!  Get out the handcuffs and

arrest me now for indecent exposure!!  That was my first foray into black.

And nail polish.  I've always been a "Kennebunkport" (by OPI) kinda 

girl.  Classic blue-red polish.  For a long time that was what I wore. Would a

New England girl choose anything else?  YES!!!!  I DID!!  Just last weekend!!!

I am now sporting "Howl" in the Wilde Collection.  Don't you just love that

name?  For a lot of you, this is just amateur stuff.  Wading in the kiddie

pool.  But my life is all about baby steps and I've just taken one more.  Or

let's say I've added to it.  I also sport a rockin' leather cuff with metal 

buckle and a ring that my middle son called "being one with Ozzie Osborne".

Yea, man, I'm rockin' it and age has nothing to do with it.

Peace out!!! 

(Now back to our regular programming as I head out to Lord&Taylor's to

search for a sensible pair of dress shoes that won't kill my feet!!!)



  1. ROFL! OMG you crack me up! YAY for doing something a little different!

    I have been wearing OPI's color "You Don't Know Jacques"'s a little bit of a morbid color but I am rocking it!

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  2. Oh, LuLu! I'm so glad you could see the humor in all of this, too! Nothing better than having a good laugh at oneself...!! Still serious about the shoes. Darn! No killer heels for me anymore. No rockin' the sexy with 1"heels!