Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Five Sweet Hearts

It's Thanksgiving Day once again!  Another year of roasted turkey,

pumpkin pie for some and an apple pie for another.. their aromas

wafting throughout the house.  Another year of dinner being planned

around the annual Detroit Lions football game... they just might

have a chance this year!  That means happy faces around the table!

Another year of three brothers being around one another remembering

the good ol' days.  The antics they played on each other... the 

teasing.  It always seems to lead to the "baby" of the family, who

now is taller than the other two, proving he can take down his

eldest brother.  The words I said then ... "That's enough, boys!! Don't

break anything!!" still get repeated once more!  And another year of my trying 

to create a Hallmark moment around the table by asking them to

each say what they are thankful for.  The eyes roll, "not again, mom!"

I ignore that and once more say ... "what are you thankful for?" 

The eldest usually goes first with "I'm thankful for my family and 

being together".  Well, it seems to start a roll as the other two boys and

husband repeat the same thing.  Where is the waxing poetically?  Where

are the examples of situations that made them thankful?  Where is

my Hallmark moment with cameras rolling and we're all dressed in classic

americana, Ralph Lauren attire?  It's not to be seen ... it's not to be 

expected .... it's not real.  Not for us.  For what I have finally realized

is that what we have in our family is truer than that.  I have been

blessed in so many ways with an incredible family and I am thankful 

each and every day!  It's another Thanksgiving day, once again, and there

are five sweet hearts sitting around the table all very thankful for the 

family that we are.  And I am grateful to be a part of that!  Happy 

Thanksgiving, everyone! 


  1. Warm Thanksgiving blessings to you Kadee!!



  2. Thanks, Kim.... enjoy this time with your friends and family, too!!

  3. listen you I was just lurking in someones blog and saw your beautiful stocking trade with a whole box of goodies!!! it looked fabulous, I want details!!!
    xo connie

  4. Hi, Connie.... thanks for checking out my blog! I would love to have you as a follower as that means you would get an automatic feed sent to you via your email address. Just a thought! As far as the details about the stocking, did you read December's post, "Presentation"? I covered a lot about it there. If you have any other specific questions, write back. Good to hear from you!