Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm Wrong??? Say it isn't so!!

Let me set up the scene for you.  We're driving home after spending a 

fall afternoon at the flea market.  The weather, initially sunny and warm

requiring only a light jacket, had turned overcast, grey and cold.  The  

wind had picked up and would sporadically whip the autumn leaves into    

a frenzy. After spending time just gazing out the passenger window I said..

ME:  "Days like this are so melancholy."

HUSBAND (an agreeable sort.. never one to correct or judge, speaks):


ME: (whipping my head around looking towards this being who had,

       morphed from my husband's body):  "Yes.... Melancholy!",

       spoken in a tone of "Oh, no he di'nt!!")

HUSBAND (now resorting to chortling):  "MELANCHOLY!!  How is this


At this point, it's incredulous that this conversation is happening. I

wouldn't even acknowledge that an answer was required of me. After

all, I AM right in using that word to describe the day! 


You see.. this time of year always makes my past come to life.  I see my

 hometown that was nothing more than houses, large

yards, lots and lots of mature trees, and stone walls still standing since

the early 1800's.  I see myself in grade school, with all my friends,

wearing 100% wool, crew neck sweaters.. the "uniform" of a typical New 

England girl.  I see my family, that through divorce, had become a 

tight knit group of people consisting of my mother, brother, grandmother,

aunt and uncle.  With just that very brief description of my childhood,

a fast paced slide show of memories runs through my mind. The same can

be said of my college days.  Older, but just a kid.  A kid still needing the

comforts of homey memories to wrap around me when things got too

stressful or unknown.  And it's always at this time of year that I get this

way.  I think the answer lies in the fact that even though fall is so filled

with the miracles of nature's coloring, it is the last hurrah before

everything is stripped bare for the duration of winter. Therefore, I have  

been choosing the word, "melancholy" to encompass my feelings.

Not one to want to admit being wrong, I decided to enlist the

help of Mr. Webster and I looked up the official definition.  WHAT??!!  

Couldn't be!  "Depression of spirits, sadness, dejection."  I don't

feel any of those!  Time to ask Mr. Roget.  He wanted me to add

words like, "mope, gloom, etc."  No... NO.... NO!  Say it isn't so....

I have been using the wrong word to describe this autumnal vibe!

I still don't know what word would be the perfect fit, but I sure found

out that not only is the word, melancholy, wrong but so am I.  Yes,

dear, I will say it.... "I was wrong."  Gosh, darn... and I was so close

to being perfect!!!!!


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  1. LOL Kadee!!

    I truly love this time of year with nature in all it's splendor! Some of the leaves on these trees around here are fabulous!!