Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Making a Silk Purse From a Sow's Ear

I'm all about a sale! All about a deal!  But where I can go wrong...

regrettably wrong... is letting the price override my true love for

something.  This has happened quite a few times, resulting in my parting

ways with things at Goodwill. You know the adage, what is one person's

trash is  another person's treasure! So I say "goodbye" with a twinge of

guilt over wasting my money.  And that is where this story begins....

I knew as Annie (the only other female, besides myself, in a house filled

with men.. doesn't matter if she has four legs instead of two!) aged, she

would feel better eating and drinking from bowls that were elevated off

the floor.  My princess is not a diva therefore nothing she-she or frou-

frou would do. And heaven knows, I wasn't about to drop a bundle on

it!  After pouring through catalogues, shopping at pet stores, looking at

places like TJ Maxx, I finally found something that might work and it  

was....ON SALE! Done deal!  Brought it home, placed an uncoordinated

placement underneath it, and instantly knew something was amiss.

It didn't settle with me.  It was "mahogany"  wood.  Not me.

It looked like it fit in a traditional home.  So not me.  Annie was happy...

I wasn't.  Driven by the "deal" and not the look, I was right back where 

I have been before.  Dissatisfied.  I had been feeling like for some time.

Until this past weekend.  

                                         Annie's new dining area

This is the result of a surge of creative inspiration.  A distressed,

glazed piece coated with 3 layers of wax to protect it.  And the 

"unfortunate placement" was replaced by a heavy feedsack cut

to size.  No need to "age" it as it already had unfortunate looking

mishaps that marked the fabric.  I bound the edges to keep its

shape.  Cute, huh?

                                            patched letter "A"

I even replicated a "patch" using a letter "A" that was stamped on the

feed sack.  How lucky was I to have the right letter!  The tension is

now gone whenever I look in that direction.  It fits in with my style

and I'm a happy woman!  And Annie?????

                                  "For me???  A present for me???"

                       She's forever my grateful, loyal companion!


  1. I love Annie's new dining table. It's perfect! Someday, you're going to have to show us more of "your" dining table.

  2. I will! Maybe do a before and after of what I do for the holidays. Thanks for the suggestion!