Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All-time Favorite Christmas Movie


Hard to believe that ME, the person who still needs to send out Christmas

cards, shop for presents, create a Christmas day menu (also known as the

"Who" feast), had enough time and energy to sit down and watch a movie.

But there I am, the house quiet as everyone had already gone to bed...

snuggled up in the corner of our comfy couch... lights off except for the

tiny, white Christmas lights on the tree... laughing and crying to one of the

BEST Christmas movies!  My husband and I had for years made viewing 

this a Christmas tradition as we actually saw it when it first hit the theatres

in 1970... before we were married.  Somehow the years passed and so

did our tradition.  But last night, it all came back to me and the meaning

of Christmas was presented in the most remarkable way that touched my

heart better than most other Christmas movies.  Albert Finney does an

an amazing job with acting the part of Scrooge... his facial expressions

are priceless!  And he can draw out the deepest emotions at just the right

time in just the right way.  Hard to believe he was 34 at the time!


Side Note:  One year, we spent Thanksgiving holiday in London.. all the Brits thought we were a bit odd but you know us crazy Americans!  And is typical for me, I found a
class to take.  It was a floral design class with Judith 
Blacklock, a notable designer whose charming shop sat at
the end of a muse!  We were all busy, with our heads down,
when Judith casually mentions that Albert Finney will knock
on the window.. if he's in town.... as he passes by on his way
to his flat- which happens to be above the shop!  Seriously??
Needless to say, I tried my best to blase about the whole
thing but my head spent more time looking out the window
hoping to spy him.  No such luck, but what an experience!


  1. Scrooge! One of my favorite Christmas movies! Haven't had time to watch any movies yet, maybe tomorrow afternoon with my granddaughter, Madison. She is coming to help me frost sugar cookies, maybe we can cuddle up in front of the TV and watch Scrooge together. Loved visting you, and we are your newest followers.

    xox Glad & Celia

  2. It's early morning.. ok, 7:30 am isn't that early ... but as I was going through TCM I saw that they are repeating Scrooge at 5:00 pm! I just now hit the record button! Glad you love the movie as much as I do! And thanks so much for following!