Thursday, December 1, 2011

I've Kept a Secret!!!


Remember that scene in French Kiss when Meg Ryan is ecstatic over 

having had a "chance" encounter with Matthew Broderick on the beach?   

And she's leaping and grinning and wanting to high-five oh, so, blase 

Kevin Kline?  And he just leaves her hanging?  That was me just six

months ago.  Unfortunately, no sexy Kevin Kline in sight but there I

was grinning ear to ear in the Palomar Hotel lobby having just read

an email that sent me over the moon with uncontrolled joy!  Ready to

high-five.... no one in sight that would get me!  Oh, well!  I still was

a happy girl!  The email??  ClothPaperScissors had  selected me

to write an article for their premier issue of Pages!  I had sent in a

proposal just on a lick and a prayer that they would be interested and

"Oh, mylanta!" they were!!!  But I didn't tell a soul.  Superstitious. 

Afraid they would change their mind.  Communications flew between

the editor and myself getting the article ready for publication.  So, it

WOULD happen!  But still, I didn't tell a soul.  I wanted to see it in my

hands and on the newstands before I shouted it to the world (or at

least anyone who lended an ear.. willing or not!) Soooooo.... drum roll....

Ta-da!!!!  Here is the cover of their new publication!  And here I am......

pages 22 - 25

Who cares if Kevin Kline would leave me hanging.... like Meg

Ryan, I still have a big ol' grin on my face!


  1. Congratulations, and you are one smart girl to keep it under wraps! I will be sure to pick up a copy when I see it. L

  2. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a great Christmas present to the test of us!
    Love you!!!!!
    Xoxo Deb

  3. lulu.... you just never know if something will fall through.. for whatever reason. Heaven knows, as a mom, I can remember many a time I said we would do something only to change plans. Don't want to repeat that ever again!! Thanks for the congrats!!

  4. Hooray!!! Yea!!! Congrats, I love that mag, and love your style!=)

  5. Holly... thanks a bunch! The quotes were from a book written in the early '30s. Just amazing how advanced the author was in understanding the power of women!

  6. Yay! how wonderful and it's a beautiful page!

    I understand the 'don't want to breathe a word' feeling. I have one scheduled for March!

  7. Oh, I can't wait, Elaine! Let us know as soon as possible!

  8. Oh Kadee I am so excited for you!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! XOXOXOXO


  9. Rachel... how's married life! Still smiling, I imagine! Thanks for good wishes on my blog!

  10. YOU GO GIRL!
    WOW>>>you can keep a secret!

  11. Michelle... and you were the last one to leave that day. I hadn't gotten the email from ClothPaperScissors at that point so I had no one to high-five. It was almost you, though!!

  12. Congrats! Sounds like a big step. I think it may have been Timothy Hutton (I think that's his name), Matthew was not in French Kiss. Either way, the moment was captured!

  13. Sabrina... you're right! It WAS Timothy Hutton! Wasn't that the best movie?

  14. Congrads my friend! I am so happy for you!

  15. Thanks, Teresa! You're so sweet! I gotta keep this thing going and send in other ideas for articles. Put that on my new years resolutions!! :~)