Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lessons Learned.....

                                                       Christmas tree 2011

I tried... really I did!  It's just that, like I mentioned in a previous post,

the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas has gotten shorter.  At

my age, time travels waaaayy too quickly and I don't like it one bit!

Most everything was completed.... creating the Christmas cards (ok..

some are still "in the mail" which actually means 10 are still sitting on 

my desk ready and waiting for personal messages to be written and

THEN they will be mailed), groceries shopped for, menus planned, and

the house decorated.  I am truly amazed that hauling the boxes out from 

under the crawl space and dragging the decorations out can be done in one day.

I'm dying... I'm sweaty.. but it can be done!  And the Christmas presents 

sent to my one son in California?  Well, he's still waiting on the box.  

Yeeeessss..... (said while staring you right in the eye, one hand on my 

hip, tapping my foot!) I DID send it out before Christmas.  Friday before 

Christmas but it is technically sent BEFORE Christmas.  Bad mom... 

bad mom!!  I do feel that I should get extra credit for wrapping them.  And 

pretty darn cute if I do say so myself (and at this point, I think I AM the only

 one saying it!)  Lots of brown craft paper, twine, sprigs of greenery, sheet

music, one of my fabric flowers (for the girlfriend) on a box, two-toned

paper bags with the flaps secured with creme twine and vintage Christmas

sticker.  Sounds cute, right?  And I'm sure my son will think the same thing

when the mailman finally gets around to delivering the package!  Which 

brings me around to thinking over the holiday and what changes need to be


                                   my desk downstairs

1. As Thanksgiving is usually spent away from home, I will put the Halloween
    decorations away (seriously, I don't pull them out every year but when I   
    do..) and start decorating at a more leisurely pace.

2. I will bake the sugar cookies ahead of time and freeze until ready to
   load on the sugary goodness.

3. No.2 brings me to No. 3.... as my boys are older, they all now express
    the desire to eat healthy.  Yes, they enjoy the goodies but more times
    than not the sweets just sat there looking at me (and me looking at them)
    and I now sport another inch on my waistline!  Christmas day will be our
    one day to feast!  I got applauded for that idea!

4.  If one of us is unable to make it home for the holiday, their presents 
     will be bought and sent EARLY.  

5.  Shopping?  I don't like it... it drives me crazy. I don't do malls... I don't 
     shop on a regular basis.  Enough said.  Need to work on the solution for 
     that one.

6.  And if I get things done ahead of time, that will leave me time to enjoy 
    the bazillion online Christmas classes I sign up for and never complete!

So there you have it!  One year older and a little bit wiser, I hope.  Now to

get online and check the tracking number for my son's Christmas box.  Gosh...

it had better get there today!  Keep your fingers crossed!


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