Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Christmas Solution..

None of us have been exempt from it.  It has bombarded us from 

all directions.  The hype of Black Friday with its countdown making

headlines everywhere.  The Christmas tree lots packed with "fresh"

trees since before Thanksgiving.  The greenery and lights gracing 

every street corner in every small town.  And special Christmas programs

on television expounding on ways to create that wonderful holiday feeling

in your own home for a fraction of the cost.  After a week of observing and

absorbing all this I wondered- why is it when we were kids, the time

between Thanksgiving and Christmas day dragged on ... f o r e v e r!  But

as an adult, you are late in getting things done by two weeks ago?  Between

the hype and realizing "kid time" is not "adult time", I have been having

a full blown panic attack.  You see ... brace yourself! .....

I DO NOT have my Christmas cards done ...

I DO NOT have any shopping done ...

I DO NOT, yes, DO NOT have the house decorated ...

I DO NOT have one Christmas cookie baked ...

I hear all of you gasping!!!! I almost feel like packing it in and saying I will

celebrate Christmas next year!  Breathing.... breathing.......

There is a one solution for my "did not" list.  I know where I can get 

killer cookies, breads, and brownies!  And they ship!!

I had the pleasure of volunteering, with this lovely group of women, at 

Misericordia's, Hearts and Flour Bakery here in Chicago. What a great day

it was!  Misericordia is a residential home for some 600 people with mild to

profound disabilities.  On site, is a bakery operated by volunteers and 

residents, and their profits support the facility.  The pride in their work and

the quality of their product is amazing!  Shall I tempt you????

                             moist and flavorful irish soda bread

                                           candy coated Christmas tree shaped pretzels

                                           cinnamon apple bread

                                           brownies dusted with confectioner's sugar

                                           check out this tray of goodies!

The online store is open 24-7 and they ship the very day it is ordered.

Phew!  So my "baking" (also known as speed dial) is done!  And come

to think of it these will make a great present to send to my mother.

Ok!  So, some shopping is done, too!  Maybe things aren't as bad as it

seems.  Maybe I can do this!  Now to tackle the boxes of Christmas

decorations in the basement.... gotta go!!! 


  1. wow, those look fantastic. Great suggestion, I also have none of the above done with the exception that my kids dragged my husband to target to get a small tree and put it up and decorated it themselves. Ok, and a few presents but I ordered all of those online. Have fun! I better start working on my cards today.

  2. What a nice bakery. It is heartwarming to see that there are still people and organizations that do good!

  3. Yes, Shawn, you're right! There is one man who volunteers every week. I wish it was a bit closer so I could commit on a regular basis. It was a 45 minute drive discounting rush hour. On Monday, I am going to place that order for mother.