Friday, December 23, 2011

On This Christmas eve.....

                                             The Christmas Creche

Trust me... I still could be shopping.  I still could be wrapping. I still could be in

the kitchen creating another dish needed for the "Who" feast on Christmas day.

But I have to share something with you.  As the hours draw near to the 

dawn of Christmas day, I am feeling a stillness.. a calmness ... come over

me.  A peacefulness.  And don't you think that this is the reason?  That the

real reason for the season is all said right here in this photo?  I am feeling


This creche was bought years ago when we lived in Geneva, Switzerland.  

Actually, it was pieced together as the carved figures were purchased in

Grindenwald, a charming village nestled at the base of the mountain range.

There were so many variations to choose from but as simple is my style, these

hand carved figures rang true to my vision.  We couldn't afford to purchase the

whole set ... too pricey even then! So we left the store with Mary, Joseph, baby 

Jesus, the Wise Men and camel.

                                     Three Wise Men and Camel

                                          Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus

And the barn?  It  came from Migros.. a grocery store that offered a sundry of

items on the basement level.  It was perfect and very Swiss!  Plain, unpainted,

unstained... a beautiful barn complete with ladder leading up to a loft..

swinging barn doors enclosing one side while on the other was a sliding rail

fence to contain the animals.  A child's plaything but I saw so much more!  I

lifted it into the grocery cart and there it sat along with the bread, yogurt,

cheese, chocolate and fresh vegetables! 

                             the animals were also bought at the grocery store!

For years, I left it in the condition I purchased it in. But last year I knew it was

time for a change.  I painted it a creamy white, distressed it, and added an

antiquing glaze.  I embellished with moss, and glued sheets of grass/straw on

the roof.  Stepping back, I had now taken it to a whole new level and I was


Last year, while visiting a local antique mall at Christmastime, hoping to spy

some new bauble to add to holiday decorations or some vintage lace to add

to my stash, my eyes lighted on these .......

plaster of paris creche figures!  All chippy and so amazingly beautiful.. 

painted in vintage colors that no one could ever duplicate.  The mystery 

behind how all this came together is that I initially spotted the donkey.  Oh!

he was adorable.. and the grey color was perfect!  Next to him was the angel.

Ok... I clutched them in my hand but how would they make sense?  Ah-ha!

The next booth had two sheep... no other pieces, just the sheep.  Hmmmm..

As I clutched all three in my hand, never giving a second thought about 

putting them down, my mind got to thinking... no wishing... for baby Jesus.

Wouldn't that make the perfect story??!  I knew it would be like finding a 

needle in a haystack to be so fortunate to complete this scene.  But I kid you 

not ... there is no embellishing as I tell you this... in the NEXT booth there 

He was lying in a cardboard manger.  So explain this to me.  How is that last 

year I found these few pieces, that captured my heart, in such close proximity

to each other... requiring little effort to gather them together? And even more

mysterious, I can't find a single one this year!  I think I see you all reading 

this with a bit of a smile on your face.  I think you and I know when God can

touch us just when we need to feel His hand. 

So, with that, I wish you all a blessed and merry Christmas!  Enjoy this time

with family and friends and rejoice in the reason for the season!!! 


  1. I am so happy you are blogging. You have a special gift, my friend. I love this story, and I love that this most precious gift is shared with us each year at Christmastime. Have a most blessed Christmas, and even more blessings to you in the year ahead. Hugs to you sweet friend! xoxo

  2. Tippy... I can't thank you enough for your very kind words and the friendship that we share. ! It means the world to me! I know you're busy with Christmas eve festivities. I, myself, have the New England Clam Chowder simmering on the stovetop and the smell of homemade granola permeating the house. Just the best! Love you and will see you in the new year, dear friend!