Sunday, December 4, 2011

Presentation.. a make or break deal

                                                    Christmas stocking swap '11

I made the plunge and decided to join a Christmas stocking swap

with 20 amazingly talented women!  As I love to sew, it was the 

perfect reason to say "yes" to committing to this.  And also, there is

the fact that I have been collecting vintage linens for a while.  I love

each and every piece sourced from estate sales and resale shops.  

Having decided on the perfect one, which actually required piecing to 

make sure the lace was strategically placed, I then added the cuff.  It's

a luscious vintage grey silk velvet... I die!!

Next came the embellishing.  I recently learned how to make rosettes

so that was a great fit.  Of course, I had to use a pearl center!  And

surround them with rhinestones!  Backed with burlap, tulle and a crochet

doily. There you have it!  Bing.. bam... boom.... DONE! 

Ahhhh..... not done yet.  I needed to fill it before sending it out.  That was

Part II of this project.  My exchange partner's requests were for all things

vintage.... paper, linens, laces, epherma, and anything old, worn and 

blingy.  No problem there as those are my loves, too.  It took no time at

all to gather numerous items together.  Bing....bam... boom... DONE!

Uhhhhh...not done yet!  Presentation!  How to present her goodies!

It's a make or break deal.. seriously!  Let me give you an example.

One of my part- time jobs was working in a local, gourmet food

shop.  Not only did they have a retail side (talk about presentation...

packaging determined whether a person would be enticed to buy) but 

they also provided a cafeteria-style menu of warm and cold italian food.

At lunchtime, the place would be packed with people lined up to choose

their meal.  There I am... working the line.. "Lasagna, please!"

said a customer.  I picked up the cream colored plate, place a large

slice of lasagna on it and go "yuck".  NOT out loud.. only in my head!  The

noodles matched the color of the plate and talk about unappetizing! 

I scooped up a ladle of tomato sauce, swirled it around the lasagna and 

immediately felt satisfied to give it to my customer.  That is until the boss

saw it and said, "we don't do that".  I looked at her incredulously, glanced

at my customer, looked down at the plate.  She was already dishing up

more lasagna ... without sauce.... for the next person in line.  Oh, no!

This will no work for me.  The plate needs color!  The eye needs to be

delighted in what it sees!  Needless to say, I left within a few months and

I heard through the grapevine the store went defunct. 

Back to the stocking........ my pile of goodies are in front of me and initially 

I wanted to do what we have done in our family for generations- wrap them

in crumbled up newspaper.  Nooooooo.... I think you would have to be a 

member of our family to understand it. No, it needed pizazz.. it needed punch.

Here are the results....

1. Clear, cellophane bags (they look crisp) secured with a clothespin
2. Wrap a goodie in a vintage hankie secured with blingy pin
3. Love shred as filler! My friend, Carrie, used shredding shears and cut
    old book pages... love that idea... thanks, Carrie!
4. Old earrings make great embellishments ... clip ons on ribbons or even
    pierced if going through cardboard
5. Dye dolies
6. Tie with seam binding that you scrunch using fingers moistened with water
    and let dry
7. Loose items?  temporarily secure onto covers of discarded books

I hope that helps with giving you some ideas for the holiday season!  And by 

the way, just so you know, I'm only 99.5% of a perfectionist.... you should  

have seen the box I mailed it in.  Crazy horrible!!  I had to cut it down to size.  

Have you ever tried to do that?  Lopsided... Dr. Seuss kinda lopsided!  And a 

whole roll of masking tape to make sure it didn't come apart in shipping.  Not 

cute!!!!  Now it's your turn to say "YUCK!"  In your head, please!!!


  1. Absolutely breathtaking Kadee!! I am in LOVE. . .



  2. Aren't you sweet, Kim! Thanks a bunch for the compliment!

  3. Swoon, just beautiful. I am particiating in Cerri's stocking swap. Is this the one you are participating in?

  4. Thanks, Marsha.... My swap is done, I believe. It was with a woman named "Carrie".. sounds the same but spelled differently. If it is the same swap, I am going to have egg on my face! LOL

  5. Beautiful, beautiful!! Lucky swap partner!! :)

  6. Hey, Pam! Glad you liked it! Hope to see you this May in CA??

  7. Kadee your presentation is over the top fabulous!!!!! I love EVERYTHING about it!!!! I can't wait to see what you do in the Valentines swap!!!!!! XOXOXOX

  8. Carrie.... thanks a bunch! So glad I didn't do the newspaper wrapping! And so thankful that you are hosting the valentine's day swap... can't wait!!