Friday, December 16, 2011

That Downward Spiral

It happened yesterday... that downward spiral!  My day was totally devoted

to decorating the house for Christmas as the first son was due to arrive home

 at 7:00 pm that evening.  Yes, he's grown (all of 20 years of age) but

like all of us, he loves the spirit of Christmas with all its finery.  That meant a

home void of trees, greenery, silvery balls, reindeer and the woodsman,

would not be a home he's accustomed to.  And the truth of the matter

is, neither am I.  I set a goal to have my home dressed and glittered by

12:00 - no, make that 2:00.  Plenty of time!  Or so I thought.  I forgot about

the trips to the hardware store for extra lights.  I forgot about the trip

to the florist to make up two arrangements that would complete my one

tablescape.  AND I forgot to eat!!  I'm a tough ol' bird.. I can make it 

through the day without needing to eat.  After all, I had a time schedule

I needed to keep!  Well, by the time 3:00 rolled around (yes, I was now

an hour beyond my set completion time) I was woozy.  I needed food

NOW!  And that, of course, leads to bad ... very bad... choices.  For me,

it was an egg salad sandwich on very smooshy white bread, chips, and two

Christmas cookies.  And you can guess what happened to my blood sugar

level!  BAM!  I know better.  I really do.  After all, when the boys were 

little I made sure they started the day with a nourishing breakfast before

heading off to school.  I loved making them breakfast!  It was an event!

I actually had a rotating schedule of breakfast menus that I wrote down.

Found it the other day tucked in between some old papers.  It read as follows:

1. french toast
2. mini-muffins and eggs
3. fruit smoothies and toast
4. homemade waffles
5. boiled eggs and toast fingers
6. breakfast pizza
7. pancakes
8. cinnamon rolls and juice
9. yogurt and toast
10. cereal and toast
(All meals were plated with different garnishes)

Can we all say "OCD"?!  But I loved starting the day that way! It was one of 

my better moments of being a mom.  Therefore, I should know better and not

let my energy spiral downward due to lack of nourishment.  I will remember

that eating something for breakfast, even a little something, is just as 

important for a mom as it is for her kids.

                               poached eggs on toast, my fav!
                             I will "heart" this first meal of the day!

Next to be done?  Christmas shopping!  Now where did I put THAT list??


  1. All my plans went by the wayside too with my unexpected appendectomy last week so Christmas will be pretty bare here but we don't care. It's just the two of us and all the furry ones this year so we are good to go! At least the trees have lights on decorations but the lights are pretty!

    Poached eggs on toast is my favorite too! I call it toad in a hole :)


  2. So right on though! I'm going to truck on through tonight to get ready for Fred's 3rd birthday party tomorrow. I fear I will crash at exactly 12:01pm tomorrow after the last guest leaves!

  3. LuLu.... you need to mend this holiday because the rest of us want to party with you in the new year. And I agree... lights make EVERYTHING magical!

  4. Heather.... and a birthday party, too???? The things we moms do! Hang in there, sista!

  5. I'm reading your post and just shaking my head, as this was me two days ago trying to get everything done. And guess way, I'm DONE! (well, the business part is done - let the shopping begin). I'm sure your home is perfect and even if it's not exactly as your boys remember it, it's perfect to them. I wish I could come take a tour. I'm positive it's gorgeous.

  6. I'm so glad you've completed your holiday orders and can now breathe a bit more easily! Lucky ladies who receive jewelry made by you! And remember... you can fly over to my house any ol' day.. the door is always open for you! Good luck in your shopping, Tippy, just remember to get a bite to eat before you head out.. mother's orders!!!! LOL

  7. Kadee, congrats on finishing the xmas decorations! My house still has a splattering of turkeys and a smidge of snowmen and glitter houses. Pretty pathetic!

    And shame on you for thinking that you can go until 3 without any food! I cringe to think how bad you felt before you ate and then the crash that occurred afterwards! I sometimes keep kashi bars around just for occasions like that.

    Have fun with your family this week!

  8. Thanks bunches, Shawn! You're right... I was almost afraid to drive as I had just picked up the arrangements at the florist and next door is the deli where I ordered my sandwich. I had to wait to get home before I could eat it. Too old to be doing that to myself.