Friday, January 13, 2012

A + B = C????????

                                    Athletic shoes .. plus.......

          Bloated woman from eating too many Christmas cookies.. equals...

                           Commitment to get on this thing 5 x's a week!!

Oh, yeah!  I am committed to following one of my resolutions... which is, 

no more spending money on a gym membership!  I do not.. repeat...

do not.. like gyms!  I finally am ready to admit that and not see it as a

failure.  I mean, why pay money to run on someone else's treadmill

when I have a perfectly good quality one in my basement!  And a 

treadmill that can perform many functions, such as.......

                                     a storage area for boxes..

                           .. a place to let wet jeans dry after washing
                         Don't even entertain the thought of suggesting 
                                to put them on low in the dryer.
                                  Shrinkage, baby, shrinkage!

So, a new day begins with me totally in charge... ready to conquer the 

beast!  Eye to eye with it, I reach down to turn the power on ... take a

deep cleansing breath, and step, with renewed conviction, on the 

conveyor belt.  Whaaaaaaa????? The panel wasn't lit!  Hmmm... I 

stepped off and repeated the procedure again.  And again, the panel

wasn't lit!  It wasn't working!  Give me a break!  I realized I wasn't 

excited about this resolution but I was committed.  I now decided

to initiate another resolution for the year ~ don't see things as a 

problem.. see them as opportunities!  

Time to see this as an opportunity to get this hunk of junk out of 

the basement, turn this area into a den, and exercise outdoors. 

After all, I DO like being outdoors.  I was a happy woman!  Until.....

The phone rings and it's my husband.  Explained to him, with delight,

the new plans to transform the basement into a cozy den.  A moment's

pause on the other end.  "Did you make sure that the magnet was on

in the center of the panel?"  Typical male.  Needed to fix the problem!

I obliged.. saw that there was a magnet thingy that was NOT where it

was supposed to be.... and replaced it.  {Seriously, I thought it was a 

heart rate monitor or something along those lines.} Got back on the

phone... "It works."  For joy, for joy.  

So, the formula of A + B = C is back in play!  And I'm going to look

at this as a good thing.


  1. LOL, something I would do! When I got back on the treadmill (a year ago and I'm now 40 pounds lighter) the TV screen was upside down, LOL, but after doing some research online I was able to fix it! It was driving me batty watching TV upside down!!! Well more battier than I already am, LOL

    I have a date every Mon through Fri with Let's Make A Deal

  2. You must have nauseous on that treadmill watching tv upside down! Too funny...or not! 40 lbs, huh? You're my hero~ and inspiration!

  3. Gooooooooo Kadee!!!!

    I have lost 147 pounds as of this morning. 3 more to go and will have hit my goal! YIPPEE!!!


  4. LuLu ~ {{{Applause}}}} So dang proud of you, sista! Thanks for the encouragement!