Thursday, January 26, 2012



Sometimes  I can be betwixt and between on how many details to 

include when relating a story to a lending ear.  Sometimes my brevity

leaves the listener with .. "is that it?"  And then other times I err on the 

side of my college roomie's way of storytelling.

Sue and I spent our four years rooming together.. we were the fortunate

few that actually liked and bonded with each other! Summers separated us 

but come September we met up again ready to unpack boxes and settle in 

to our new dorm room.  With the dust settled, we plopped on our beds 

ready to recount what we did while we were apart.  Or let me correct 

that.... SHE would do the recounting!  Sue (I know you're reading this, 

Sue, and don't worry.. it's all good!) could literally make a trip to 7-11 

for a slurpie sound like the greatest adventure in the world.  I would sit

entranced wondering why I led such a boring life!  That story would lead 

to another and another and after 2 hours she would pause, let out a sigh, 

and say... "So... what did YOU do this summer?"  I would be jolted out 

of my hypnotic state, think for a minute, and respond... "Just worked.  

Saw some friends. ... hmmm.. that's about it."   She looked 

incredulously at me!  I had failed in creating a world of adventures,

making her privy to them.  After a few moments she let it pass.  

Phew!  The truth is I happened to LIKE listening.. I felt more comfortable 

with that than talking.

Over the years I worked at honing my oral skills.  For instance, wanting to 

enrapture my guests at a dinner party, I would contribute to the 

conversation with an opinion filled with so many minute details that

one by one I could see eyes wander away from my direction.  Yes, I 

WAS painfully aware of it but I trudged on hoping perhaps one more 

additional detail would reel them back in.  Comical... not at the time..

but comical!  Once, I actually had someone tell me right in the middle

of all this verbage.. "so what is your point?".  You guessed it ~ only a 

man would be so blunt as to cut me off at the pass!  Perhaps a bit too

much wine brought him this courage but I have to say he was right.

Even I was getting a bit bored with myself.  

What was wrong??  I thought I could mimic Sue's ability to tell tales.  

Nope!  Not in me!  My stories only took one detour after another never 

landing at the climax. And you know what?  That is ok.  Because I now

have a forum to tell all of you things I have experienced, felt or 

done.  Blogging makes it easy to edit with the "delete" button.  Or I can 

just hit "save" for another time when I can be more descriptive or precise 

in my thoughts. And I am so thankful that all of you take the time to 

listen to me!  I am having the BEST time with all of this!!

Oh.. one more thing. My "editor", aka, husband, has just informed me

that this post has gone on a little too long.  Wha?????  and here I 

thought I was making progress!!  Oh, well.  

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