Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just Looking....

                                   481 King Street, Charleston, South Carolina

Lucky me! New Year spent in Charleston.. land of amazing eateries and 

gourmet delights!  Lucky me because I was on vacation and that meant I 

didn't have to dread January 1st .... the first day of clearing out the sugar 

from my diet {..NOOOOO!!!}, finding that treadmill buried under piles of 

clothes {did you know it makes a great place to drape your jeans to air dry 

after washing them?}, and all those other dreaded things I must do to get 

in shape as a result of the holiday poundage that grabbed hold of my 

waistline. I could walk into this shop, Glazed Gourmet 

Doughnuts,, with a smile on my face and 

not have a single guilty thought screaming... "Walk away from the donuts! 

Walk away from the donuts!"  And walk away I did NOT!

These gems are freshly made, no preservatives, unique flavors paired

together in ways you have never tasted before. Gosh darn.. I wish I could 

remember what these were called... cranberry something.  I was just so

enthralled with their eye-catching color and plumpness that my mind

went numb!  And these....

on the left is maple glaze with real bacon bits ~ on the right, berry filled with 

crumb topping.  And these......

raspberry glaze made from fresh raspberries.  There are so many others

to choose from such as ricotta strawberry, sweet potato with crumb 

topping, meyer lemon pistachio, and my favorite ~  the goat cheese

lavender that, upon biting into it, oozed with a fresh berry filling.  I die!

So why am I being such a meany and tempting you with these delights?

Because the rest of the story is just as sweet as these confections.  This

tiny gem is owned and operated by a young woman, Allison Smith...

... a graduate of the Culinary Institute of Charleston. Allison realized that

there was a niche that she could fill and proposed the idea to her family.

Their reaction?  A whole-hearted, resounding "go for it!". Amazing, right?

She is now a small business owner who followed her passion.. followed

her heart. You can taste that in every mouthwatering bite!  And 

who stands beside her doing the supporting role?  Her mother!  You are

embraced by her warm smile and friendly "hello" as you walk through the

door.  I just love that!  I just love stories of following your creative dreams.

I just love stories of families that hoist you up and support that dream

through every step of the way.  Not all of us are that lucky!  Not all of us

take that giant leap of faith.  And it's a shame as each of us have been

given gifts that need to be shared.  We have heard that said before.  I'm 

not saying anything new. But maybe it's just that once in awhile we

need proof that dreams do matter... we need to see it with our own eyes.

I'm reminded of a poem that sits on my desk as I write this.  Part of it says..

                                                For games can't be won
                                                Unless they are played.
                                                And prayers can't be answered
                                                Unless they are prayed.

So Glazed gave me so much more than just a bite of sugary heaven.  It gave 

me a lesson in life.  And next time I am in Charleston, I will visit again .. 

I will sink my teeth into the best, gosh darn donut I have tasted!  And as

the flavors swirl around in my mouth, I will be reminded, once again, that

dreams do matter ~ for ALL of us! 


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