Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Rest of the Story......

It is 8:30 pm........

I have three and one-half hours until MY new year begins!  Yes, I am

fully aware that it's the 7th of January and one whole week has gone

by.  But I don't start my new year until the last son pulls out of the 

driveway heading back to his destination ~ whether it's work in 

California, a condo in Charleston, or college in Ohio.  The house becomes 

quiet and I begin anew.  I tear sheets off the beds and put on fresh ones. 

I wash a load of towels.  I pick up a myriad of "stuff" that was conveniently 

left behind for me to put away.  And I head to the kitchen to purge the 

holiday goodies that now can be frowned upon as horrible to one's 

health!!  But give me a break!  Without them, holidays wouldn't be

complete... at least, not for me.  I think we all have that connection to

certain foods that conjure up a memory or two.  It could be cupcakes..

from a birthday party or, as moms, the 25 cupcakes needed for your

child's classroom party that you offered to bake.  It could be candy.....

that you got on Halloween as a kid or 12" diameter lollipops, swirled in

bright, eye-catching colors, found once a year at the state fair.  It could


cheesecake that you never had before until your boyfriend said it was

his favorite dessert.  Then you took that first bite and fell in love with 

it and him!  For me, these are what hold unique memories .......

                          Donuts!  And let me tell you why........

~ During an election year, our town set up two tents on the green in the

center of town.  Voting took place in the Community Hall across the way

and as people left the building they would head over to the tents for 

coffee and donuts.  And guess who's bus stop was at the green??!!

Woohooo!  Fresh baked, plain raised donuts that were handed out to us 

for the asking!  A slice of "Mayberry" memories right there!

~ My brother was coming home for a short leave from the army. He 

was due to arrive 6 am in the morning at the train station and we had

to leave the house at 5:00 in order to pick him on time.  I was so 

excited to see him in his uniform!  It was winter.. pitch black out.. few

cars on the road .. and the first time I had been up at that hour. The

only light around was coming from the donut shop that mom pulled up

to where she bought a dozen donuts for us to eat when we got back 

home.  I distinctly remember chocolate glazed donuts.. the best I ever 


~ College.  Plump, jelly-filled powdered donuts whose dough was tinted 

green for St. Patrick's day. I had spent the night at my sorority sister's 

house on the way to my own home in Connecticut.  Her dad had gotten 

up early to share this yearly occurrence of green donuts and was so tickled

about it!  I can still see the brown paper bag they came in and the ghastly

looking contrast of green dough with oozing red jelly in the center!  I

miss her... 

~ And the most favorite memory is one when the boys were little.

Sundays meant picking up a dozen donuts, and with the newspaper

tucked under my husband's arm, we headed to the park.  The boys

would dash between the swings and the open box of donuts thinking

this was the best thing since Christmas!  I thought so, too! 

There are more stories to share but I think you've gotten the point! Food

matters, whether healthy or not.  So, as the spinach dip is being 

replaced with cut-up celery and carrot sticks, I'm wondering... do you

suppose I will get a memory or two from them?  BLEH!!! Not a chance!


  1. Birthday cakes always bring back the best memories for me. Every birthday my Mother would always get me a cake from Federal Bake Shop and it was ALWAYS white icing with red roses and green petals. This was always the highlight of my year. I had the same cake every year up until I was 38 years old and then the worst thing happened...the local franchise closed and then there was not another one to be found within distance. *sigh*

    Now I am hooked on sugar free cupcakes!


  2. Bless your heart... 38 years to be able to taste the same memory over and over again! Lucky you! Too bad they closed but those sugar free cupcakes sound like something I should get ahold of... sure could use some guilt free snarfing!!