Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Conversation....

ME:            Hello!  My name is Kadee!

HUSBAND:  Hi, I'm Mark!
                 Do you live here?

ME:           Yes, you might have seen me around.  
                 I live on the second floor.
                 First apartment on the left... (studio)
                 And you?

HUSBAND:  I live on the first floor... (office)

ME:            I thought you looked familiar!

After seven days of being holed up in my studio, keeping nose to

the grindstone, I felt I needed to introduce myself to this other person

I heard rumbling around in the house!  Introduction went well... we 

just might have something here!  Hey! At least, after many years of

marriage, our sense of humor is still in tack!!  In a few days, I will

post what I was working on.  Have I got you curious?????

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