Friday, February 3, 2012

A Girl Needs Some Fun......

                                                 Welcome to Ruby Begonia's!

A month's worth of grunge washed off the car?  Check!  One inch of

snowfall that night?  Check!  Me, giving one bit of thought to keeping 

the car pristine by leaving it snug in the garage?  No way!  This girl  

was in dire need of new scenery and inspiration!  I had been burning  

the midnight oil working on a Valentine's Day swap and was rapidly 

approaching the end of my creative juices.  I needed new ideas... I 

needed new scenery ... I needed to get outta town!  My husband, editor,

driver and I got on the interstate and headed to the little midwestern

town of Morris, Illinois.  So many small towns are on the verge of

dying with it's independent shops being forced to close due to the

economy.  But Morris has figured out the formula that works for 

them and just about every spot to park your car was filled.  I knew

which store was calling my name...... the one that has this cute

red door~ Ruby Begonia's!  Stepping inside, I found home!

A charming store filled to the brim with vintage furnishings, delightful

handcrafted decorations for the home, and clothing

that speaks, not to the masses, but to clients that the designer

seems to know personally.  Why, oh why, do I have to travel forty

minutes to find such inspiration?!  The sweet, young woman behind

the counter says she hears it all the time.  Just when you locate a

shop of this genre, it seems to slip away in the middle of the night.

If you find one of these gems you must patronize it.. make

it a destination to check out on a regular basis.  This is why I

made a point to venture here....

                                      Commode painted barn red
                                        Zinc chalkboard.. notice the tiny swagged banner?

                                   Who couldn't use a glittery crown?
                                           Tuck it into a full bouquet of roses!

                          Hand crafted heart peeking out of an old wooden bucket
                                         Glitter, sheet music and ruffles... yummy!

                                       Creamy white commode: backdrop for a paper banner
                                 Add an angel garden ornament and it makes a perfect vignette

                                            L O V E this!!
                           Swag across a mirror, bookcase, mantle or doorway

Sorry.... I have only allowed you a peak at their Valentine decorations.  

There was so much more tucked around every corner; tucked high and low.

Making you grin when you discovered a vignette meant only for those willing

to take the time to seek it out.  I was just soooo delighted!  And the 

clothes?  Well, let me show you what I walked out of the store with....

This darling, lightweight coat with large peter pan collar and three/

quarter length sleeves!  The neckline scoops just enough so that it's 

charming on all ages.  I will have to wait until the weather warms up

but when it does I will pair it with my ruched, grey suede boots and 

buttery yellow bag.....

Cute, huh?  It was a successful morning!  I'm happy knowing I'm

not alone in loving vintage charm like I do and that there is a place

for me to re-energize.  My driver, editor, husband is happy knowing

that there is not a crazy, tense, wife/artist working away in her studio.

And the car?  Dirty once again. But it proves that I ventured

out for a much needed get-away and returned a revitalized woman..

                                             .... now, I MUST get back to work!!


  1. LOVED seeing all the photos in that shop! My friend Julie sent me one of those crowns on the wands!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeek! LOVE IT!

    The coast is precious and I love the print! Can't wait to see you modeling it!


    1. I was so tickled to find the coat, too! And of course your friend knew to purchase the crown wand for you.... you're just so queenly, my dear!! :-)

  2. Kadee, thanks so much for sharing the photos of the wonderful vintage shop. Yes, finding a shop like this is like finding a diamond on the beach. A prize!

    1. Thanks, Shawn... I found another lot of cute shops on my trip to Cleveland. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! Can't wait to share that post with you!!

  3. O.k. Kadee, It looks like I need to make a trip YOUR way as well... What a FUN shop! LOVE your blog... Just posted it to my FB page. Thanks for the "like" on my page as well. Take care... Colleen

  4. Yes, we have some good shops but why is it always more exciting in a different town??!! Thanks for visiting my blog, Colleen, and I have bookmarked yours. Isn't it great making new friends and connections?!