Sunday, February 19, 2012

Her Steel Blue Eyes.....

                                                 Mother at 55 years of age

One piece of personal information stated on my mothers' driver's 

license is erroneous.  No, I'm not talking about her weight.  I think 

just about every one of us puts down a number we wouldn't be 

embarrassed to have someone else see.  No.... I'm talking about

where it states the color of her eyes.  Someone, that day, wasn't

looking very closely and haphazardly wrote "blue".  So wrong!

Those eyes that can captivate you without a lick of makeup are...

"Steel Blue"!  Mother was blessed with these gorgeous eyes that stood 

out on their own merit.  She was one lucky lady!

However, as mother aged the brilliance started to diminish.  I attributed

it to being a natural occurrence.  But there were other things I started 

to notice as well.  I noticed that at restaurants she would pick up the 

menu, take a few moments to peruse the choices, then place it back 

down on the table saying, "I bet they could make me a ham and cheese 

sandwich".  Or there was the time she was adamant that Oprah had  

developed a line on the side of her mouth.  She touched the tv screen, 

saying, "See? Right there!".  I clearly saw nothing. The one that

finally left me with no doubt of what was going on was when I found

her in front of the refrigerator, door open, hands cupped around her

eyes, trying to find what she was searching for.  Mother had no idea I

was in the room witnessing this.

"Mom, you need to have cataract surgery! Your quality of life is not

what it could be.  Let's make an appointment with the doctor and

get this taken care of!"  Quite a few years passed before her 

stubbornness, fueled with fear, subsided.  But just last week she

had her SECOND eye operated on!  My mother, at the age of

90, finally took care of herself!  And, as the surgeon told her, "You 

did good, sweet girl!!"

It's a new beginning... a fresh start!  Mother, a children's

librarian in the past, a voracious reader who left her job in the 

evenings to return home with three books clutched in her arms, 

needed to be reminded that once again she could spend her time 

reading the words on the pages. I wanted to present her with the

gift of a book bag... one she could hang from the handles of her

walker.  Out came my sewing machine and this is what I created....

Choosing a luscious fabric with tones of blue, reminiscent of the color of

her eyes, I paired it with a cream burlap ~ unwashed, this time.  

Various pieces of vintage lace ~ buttons ~ fabric flowers ~ and leather 

handles adorn the outside.

And inside I am placing a copy of Country Living ~ British Edition...

The photography is delightful.....

And a copy of Laura Bush's autobiography (in large print form) .......

... not for the politics, but to read about a woman of great strength,

a fellow librarian, and a woman who also possesses brilliant blue eyes.

I'm sure on her driver's license it says "blue" but I wonder how 

George would describe them??!!


  1. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift for your Mom! I LOVE this tote! Kadee, you are SO talented!


  2. Kadee you are such a treasure. What a wonderful story. . .



  3. Thanks, LuLu and Kim!!! I really enjoyed having another opportunity to sew one of these totes. I just wish she lived closer so that I could hand deliver it in person. But, like all of us, she will love receiving "happy" mail and I will receive a sweet a "thank you" call on the phone ~ priceless!!

  4. Kadee, what a sweet and thoughtful gift for your mother! The bag is gorgeous..... I think you have a potential business here! Related to your mom. She will be so glad she had the surgery. Everyone I know that has the surgery ends up with much improved vision.... Not always glasses free. But always a huge improvement!

  5. I agree, Shawn. And the thing is mother never needed glasses so I imagine that she still won't. The frustration for me was that it is such an easy and common operation and yet she fought it tooth and nail. Turning 90 made her realize that she didn't want to live her life like that any longer. Hey... got to give her credit that she didn't continue like this and wanted a new lease on life... at 90!!!!!

  6. Kadee, I am a little late here with the comment. Love your blog. I love that bag, such beautiful bag and the perfect size! I am sure your mom is thrilled to tote around with her.

  7. Thanks, Alanna! I really enjoy making them! My mom has always been one to "save" things and she has informed me that she is just wanting to look at it rather than use it. Oh, well. Once you give a gift, it is out of our hands as to how we intended to have it used. If she appreciates just looking at it, then good on her!

  8. Kadee - I'm finishing up reading all your blogs today. This one made me smile - First eye will be in July, 2nd in August. Your encouragement rings in my ears. The bag is gorgeous - I don't blame her for wanting to just look at it - so many layers of gorgeousness.

    1. You know, just yesterday I was thinking about your cataract surgery and wondering how all that was going. I am sooo glad you are taking care of it. It's a simple surgery that you will not even bat an eye about... pun intended!!! My mother waited until she was legally blind due to fear and is so discouraged with her progress. It's such a shame but I suppose better late than never. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Keep me posted, Gay!!