Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Hit A Speedbump

                                               Room at the Residence Inn

Every once in a while, life decides to change up the order of things.

My independence ... my empty nest ... was no longer my priority.  I

was called back to duty as full-time mom and caretaker!  You see, my

youngest, who is in college, was still suffering from a torn meniscus that,

although repaired by one of the top surgeons in his field, was continuing

to cause acute discomfort.  Ok... let's be honest.  Although repaired, it

was no better than before.  The surgeon erred on the side of caution

and I will not fault him for that.  However, we needed a solution to my

son's continued pain.  And when I know one of my boys hurt, I dust off

my Crusader Rabbit cape, secure it tightly around my shoulders, and 

assume the position of Number One Protector!  I will willingly drive the

six hours, one way {and would someone tell me why there is always

some form of precipitation when I need to do this??}, to get to 

doctor's appointments.  I will morph into Shirley Maclaine (Terms of

Endearment) when told that it would be three weeks before we can

see the doctor for a consultation... not an appointed surgery.... a

CONSULTATION!  My son was in pain NOW!  And like Shirley Maclaine,

they responded to a mother's frustrations and we got in in a matter

of days.  Surgery was scheduled for the following week and once

again I drove the six hours one way to get there.  Nurse's cap?  Check!

Chef hat?  Check! This time I was armed with recipes for creating home 

cooked meals plus a week's worth of clothes.  Ready to administer all the 

tender loving care as was needed. 

It's hard to see your child lying in bed like a limp noodle but even

harder still when, in two days post surgery, he wakes to a pounding

headache, fever, and nausea.  I'll admit it.. I was scared!  Scared

of complications from surgery.... scared of not knowing who to turn

to... scared of not knowing how to drive to the best hospital in 

Cleveland!  There WAS a hospital a half mile down the road and that is

where I took my son.  I had to trust that this was good enough.  I

don't like giving up control to something that I'm not 100 percent sure

of.  Sitting next to him as he lay on a hospital gurney, attached to 

IV's dripping much needed fluid into his body, hearing the sounds of 

others in as much distress, or more, as my son, I was given the

opportunity to practice patience.  Now someone else was donning that

Crusader Rabbit cape.  It was humbling.  And I thanked God that He

was watching over the both of us and delivered a verdict of severe

bronchitis/sinusitis... not infection from the incision!

He was now on the mend!  Funny, isn't it, to see your grown child

revert back to those things that give them comfort?  The bear 

stayed by his side as it was a gift from his girlfriend and a reminder

that he would soon be back on campus ... be back to the normal state

of things.

And when he requested cake?  Well, there was no doubt in my mind

that I would soon be packing up my bags ready to head back home.

And I did.  He's back at college, clumping around campus with his

crutches, hopefully taking care of his knee as he should be.  And I

am back in my studio with my four-legged child by my side.  And the

Crusader Rabbit cape?  Tucked neatly away in the corner of my 

heart.. always on stand-by for those times when motherhood becomes, 

once again, my number one priority!

Next time I will post one of the recipes I prepared at the Residence Inn.  See you then!!


  1. Glad he's on the mend Kadee! You are such a wonderful mother.


  2. Bless your heart, LuLu! You're so sweet to say that!!