Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Pretty in Pink" Valentine Party

I'm not about RED for Valentine's Day.  Not.....

"poinsettia red"*
"tomato red"
"chili pepper red"
"brick red"......

For me, it's all about PINK!  And who would have thought I'd find my

pink, girlie self after living all these years in a house full of men?  Find

it, I did, and I'm tickled PINK!  (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

I imagine that one day I will create a special Valentine's Day party for

all my girlie friends. An invitation printed on "fantasy pink" linen paper,

with embossed lettering in antique gold, will direct you to my home.... 

the one that sparkles from a poofy dusting of snow from the previous

night's snowfall.  It's the one house on the block whose door is painted

"hearts delight".  Upon entering, I will greet you with a fabric corsage

of "powder pink" and creamy white to pin on your vintage dress from

the '40's.  We will "ohhh" and "ahhh" over each other's choice of

hat perched on our upswept do's that the hairdresser created that 

afternoon at the beauty palor.  You will be escorted in to the den 

where a table awaits in front of the fireplace, set to help take the 

chill off the air.  Lush peonies arranged in vintage, silver pitchers... 

angel crowns and wands at each place setting.  As you seat yourself 

in a comfy chair covered in "paradise pink" velvet you notice that each 

one of you has received a special token of my appreciation... a small 

heart covered in "fond memory" pink beads with a special message 

addressed to you ~ what does it say?  It tells you the reason why I find 

you so precious to me.  No two messages are alike.  It comes from the 


The party ends and, as you reach for the door knob to leave,

I surprise you with one more gift not to be opened until you get home.

It's wrapped in cream dupioni silk and tied with a two-toned pink voile

ribbon.  Curiosity gets the best of you and, as you shut your car door,

you quickly proceed to unwrap it.  Peels of laughter can be heard as

the others pass by on their way to their own cars.  The reason? I 

have given you a bottle of Pepto Bismol to be taken when you

get home.  After all, as much as I am loving pink, an afternoon of

of being swathed in it might be a bit much... even for me!!   

And luckily, it comes in PINK!

Happy Valentine's Day!


*(the names of the colors in italics are actual names from Benjamin Moore's paint palette) 



  1. Kadee,
    I love your post - just fabulous! I hope that when you have your "pink" party that I will get an invite and I will look forward to my bottle of pepto, LOL!

    1. P.S. this is from Colleen P. Not sure WHY, but Google will not post my name? Happy Heart's Day!

  2. So sorry about that, Colleen! Gesh... I have no idea why either! Most definitely... you will get an invite! Thanks for reading my post!!!

  3. Kadee,
    I`ll have to come and crash that party! I am sooo a pink girl with three boys and a husband too!
    Have a beautiful Valentine`s day~

  4. Oh, yes, Kim..... no crashing required as you will surely be on the list!!!

  5. Replies
    1. Well, you will be on the list, also! You know, I just might have to get serious about this idea!!! I will give everyone plenty of notice so you can find that vintage dress and hat to wear. Can't wait to see what you pick out!! :-)