Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Valentine Swap Reveal......

What would be more fun than to create a box of heartfelt goodies for

someone to receive in time for Valentine's Day!  For me, it conjures up 

memories of being in grade school.  That one time of the year

where you were asked, by the teacher, to bring in an old shoebox. 

Class time was spent decorating it with red and pink construction

paper hearts.. lace doilies.. adhered with that white creamy paste

that we all snuck a taste of!  A slot was cut in the top, with our name

on the side and you couldn't wait until the Valentine's Day party when

little sweet, and sometimes silly, Valentines would be dropped in, one

by one, by your classmates!  That was exactly the feeling I wanted 

to create for my swapmate.  I wanted to create a  proper "container"

for her goodies and that is how I came about creating this........

... a linen and fabric tote embellished with crocheted doilies, vintage 

lace, handmade fabric flowers with pearl center backed with burlap

and tulle, and leather handles. 

I could see her hanging it from a doorknob where her little preschooler

could drop in his Valentine's given to him by his classmates or 

neighborhood buddies.

Or she could use it to contain all the projects she is working on for 

this special holiday!  After all, this young woman is VERY creative and

VERY talented!  And it was with those sentiments that I chose items

to be tucked inside~ to be used as foundations for her creative spirit!

Her requests were for things that were on the lines of Pottery

Barn and Anthropologie (and no trims as she had accumulated lots

in her journeys) ~ and that her Valentine color was red, not

pink.  A deep, rich barn red.  You can see, from the tote, that I kept

those preferences in mind.  So... what was inside?  Take a peek!

                         The word on the paper medallions indicated what the
                               scrabble letters inside would spell ~ a mix of burgundy and
                               cream letters so when put together it created a pleasing appearance

                                     A vintage salt shaker with chippy red top filled with
                                    German glass glitter in silver (one of her desires)

                             Vintage cabinet cards of a man and woman that I officially
                             married.. tee, hee!  And the title of the book cover I found? 
                             The Girl of His Dreams!  Who knew I would be so lucky to find this!

                            Martha Stewart cupcake liners and pics.  I could see her 
                            baking in the kitchen with her little guy.  In the center, are
                            three vintage wooden spools with deep red labels... three different
                            colors of twine are wrapped around them... perfect addition to any 

                                   Music cards from Pottery Barn, a heart shaped box with
                                   with vintage velvet flower on top, and in the two cellophane
                                   bags tied with silk ribbon and button? Votives in rich, red
                                   with gold interiors.

                              A Santos ornament I found at Pottery Barn on which I
                              attached a bit of vintage lace.  She will be able to take it off 
                              and adorn it to her own taste.. and knowing her, it will look

                                 Linens, a request of hers, and wooden angel wings that
                                 I attached a pearl chain to.  Again, just the starting point!

                              And lastly, a vintage book with deep red cover to use the
                              pages of, gloves from another era, rhinestone pin and #14 playing card

With my project complete, I tucked them inside the tote, cushioned with

shredded book pages (thanks, Carrie, for the inspiration!). Placed it in

a box, closed it shut, and used massive amounts of packing tape to 

secure it.  Just my quirky little thing!! I handed it to the postman and 

bade it goodbye!  I won't say it was easy creating this for my swapmate 

as I sooooo didn't want to disappoint her.  But what I learned from this

is that it's not so much about the items purchased or made.  As long as

it comes from the heart, that feeling will shine through.  Love given

genuinely will be well received... and isn't that at the heart of 

Valentine's day??  Hugs and kisses to you all!!!


  1. I know she's going to LOVE this swap! It's totally over the top gorgeous!!


  2. Who wouldn't love to receive this???

    1. I'm so glad to see that you read my blog! Thanks so much and thanks for the compliment! They are going to do an Easter swap and that is one I am going to bow out for. Lots of things in the works, at the moment, and I knew I wouldn't be able to give it my full attention. But after that? I'll be back at it!!

  3. I love all of this!!!!! Thanks for sharing=)

  4. I love having a way to share with you.. thank heavens for blogs!!!

  5. You went over the top! That is one lucky girl get that beautiful bag!

  6. It's funny how it all accumulates... and then I forget what I have already purchased. So by the time I send it out I don't want to exclude anything!