Monday, March 19, 2012

Breakfast Spot in Chicago

Sunday morning and eating breakfast out, somewhere in Chicago, seem

to go hand in hand for us.  It's a spontaneous event ... not a scheduled

date which makes it all the more special.  And it doesn't entail the usual

conversation of.... "Where do you want to eat?"  "I don't know ~ where

would YOU like to eat?" "Well.... what are you up for?"  "Hmmmm....

not sure.  Do you have any ideas?"  Seriously!  This can go on and on

and ON for some time.  And I know we aren't the only couple that has

mastered the art of talking in circles and detours!  But I think we would

reign supreme in a national championship if there was one!!

So, this morning, my dear husband suggested we drive to one of our 

favorite spots for breakfast.... Milk & Honey in Bucktown.

What??  No traffic driving in to Chicago?

What??? No driving around and around the block to find a spot to park?

What????  No line to get a table???

This was all too good to be true!  But we grabbed onto our good fortune 

with both hands and held on tight.  Breakfast and no stress... can't be 


So what makes this restaurant so special?  Well, for one I love a place

where you aren't handed a "book" of menu items to peruse.  Too much

for a perfectionist like me.  Give me a limited selection and I can order

within five minutes.  I like a "help yourself" to your beverages where 

it's not dispensed out of a standard fountain machine.  Fresh ice.

Freshly sliced lemons for water.  And fresh coffee served in coffee CUPS,

not mugs.

And what entices us to return time and time again are two menu items

that we have not yet deviated from.  The Huevos Rancheros...... a

casserole only served on Saturdays and Sundays.  Served in individual

cassolet dishes, it is a mix of black beans, chopped fresh tomatoes, 

sweet onion, green peppers and scrambled eggs enhanced with herbs and

spices.  A tortilla blankets this melange and is then smothered with 

melted cheese.

To die for!!!  Oh... and I failed to mention that there is lovely sauce

served on the side that I could not even begin to describe other than

to say ~ just slap your momma!!! 

The other menu item that lands on our table every time is Orange Brioche

French Toast.  With a subtle hint of orange flavoring, the brioche is grilled, 

then smothered in real syrup and butter. A sprinkling of slivered almonds..

a dusting of powdered sugar.. and perfection has been created!  As the 

waiter slips this in front of you, you are instantly squealing with delight, 

knowing that each morsel will melt in your mouth.  Diet? That word is

temporarily eliminated from your vocabulary!

Time is well spent savoring every morsel along with a splattering of

conversation.  We are not ones to dawdle over the table making

small talk or no talk at all.  Observations of interesting people 

surrounding us, the decor (most places we choose have exposed 

brick walls, original hardwood floors showing the wear of traffic

patterns, and limited seating), and plans of what the rest of the

day will entail... those are the sounds coming from our direction.  

With full stomachs, we head out the door letting someone else

take our table by the window.  And the drive back to the 'burbs?

What??  No traffic AGAIN?? 

What??? No congestion at the Austin Blvd.exit ramp or Harlem exit ramp?? 

Unheard of!!!

We've got some good Karma going on today!!


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    1. Sure, Heather... what 's your question?

  2. Kadee, can I make reservations with you to eat here?????? I want one of each!

  3. Ok... it's a deal! It won't be long now and we'll be able to do this!