Monday, March 12, 2012

Eloise Lives!!!!

                                                                 Eloise by Kay Thompson

She lives.. Eloise is alive and well and I ran into her at the store!

I adored Eloise when I was a little girl.  That very precocious, blond-

headed girl with a delightfully, mischievous edge.  I emulated her as

best I could and became quite successful at stomping my feet and 

scrunching up my face when not pleased with the circumstances

surrounding me.  However, it went no further than that.  I have to 

admit I was terrified of pushing the limits and certainly could not

even begin to come up with devious plots to entertain myself.  Adults?

Big people who were in total control of my destiny!

My morning started out with a list of errands.. not very long... but a

list that needed to be erased by the end of the day.  First?

Hobby Lobby for art supplies to complete a project.  With items in

hand,  I headed to the checkout where I was amazed that there was

only one person ahead of me!  A mom with her little girl standing

beside her.  She seemed like such a sweet child, patiently waiting. Blond 

hair, dressed in a darling skirt, tights, leather shoes, and red jacket.  

I, too, waited patiently while the mother paid for her purchase.

My eyes wandered to the magazines and other goodies that entice a 

shopper to make an impulsive purchase at the last minute. Out of the 

corner of my eye, I could see that the mother was finally placing her  

change in her purse and my turn would be next.

That sweet little girl?  She's now pointing to the sign that says 

"Register Closed". The expression on her face said it all.  With finger 

held firmly in place, she smirks at me with the expression of, "See?  

We were the last ones in line.  You should have seen this before standing 

here all this time!"  Thoughts started racing through my mind of ....

That sign wasn't there when I came up here!
Was I not paying attention?
Did the cashier place it there while my eyes were wandering?
How could this.........

"Oh, she just learned how to read!", said the mom... clearly seeing

my frantic and puzzled expression on my face.  And the little girl?

Gloating that she scored!!  Seriously.  I saw it, the woman behind me

saw it, as well as the cashier.  As the mother and Eloise little girl

disappear out the door, I am left dumbfounded.  On the one hand,

I was feeling... Kid, you rock!!  This is one girl who will grow up 

not letting anyone get ahead of her. On the other hand, I was 

reminded that MY mother would have disciplined me right then and 

there.  Telling me that that wasn't very kind.  And she would have

apologized to the stranger that was duped by her child. I grew up

learning to respect my elders and to not make waves.

Maybe that is why, at the age of 40-something, I started picking

up books such as this. The message is one of Don't be the "good

girl".  Don't be the people pleaser. Don't avoid confrontation.  Don't

worry if people like you or not.  Messages that come from strength 

but not meaness.  

I hope that this little girl retains her gumption.  And becomes the 

successful woman she is meant to be.  As long as it is blended with

kindness, she will be.  And me?  Still scratching my head on how a

five year old little girl scored big-time on this ol' lady!!!!  


  1. Cute! Eloise was one of my favorites as a kid too. As an adult meeting her face-to-face, not so much.

    1. Yes, you're right, Jill.... not so much!

  2. LOL!!!!!!! Loved how you put in Eloise's name and then scratched it out to put in "little girl"! This was priceless! You are a master at writing AND photography! I'm your number one fan!

    (AND, I finally figured out how to join your blog!!!!!)


  3. Love you, Sue!! You know how much I value your opinion so your words mean a lot to me!! XOXO