Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sweet Southern hospitality

It could have easily stayed within the confines of a professional 

relationship.  One where you greet each other with a pleasant smile

but not one that feels entirely comfortable.  One where you exchange

bits and pieces of your life but not the whole story.  One where, at the

end of the day, you express how you look forward to getting together

again but once out of sight the thought slowly slips from mind.  How 

easy that could have been!  But as I was being driven around Old

Charleston, South Carolina looking at available properties with the 

intention to buy, conversation with my realtor transformed from a

professional demeanor to one of comfort and ease.  We bonded

over design features our eyes lighted upon that either charmed us or

those features that left us looking at each other with thoughts of "this 

will not do".  Through conversation, we found we both adored things

mismatched and vintage in style.  We discovered that our love of

design extended into fashion and sewing.  While she digs through

bundles of fabrics and notions in HER studio, I rustle through vintage

papers, flea market trims, and hoarded found objects in MINE.  It's 

the creative process that fuels us until the wee hours of the morning!
                                    ***     ***
While exchanging our commonalities, she took me by surprise with some

sweet, southern hospitality!  "Why don't you come to my wedding 

since you will be in town at that time?"  What???? Seriously??? Knowing 

her creative bent for chic, vintage style, with an added pinch of funk, I 

knew I would be in for a treat! I was honored that she thought so much 

of me. Come hell or high water I would be there!!  

This intimate wedding was not held at some country club or posh

hotel.  It took place outdoors at the home she shared with her future

husband.  They had created a chic, comfortable atmosphere with

charming personal touches, such as the chandelier festooned

between the trees.....

... mismatched glass tumblers, with a votive candle placed inside, hanging 

from the branches of the magnolia trees.

... a trendy lounge area for guests to sip cocktails before and after 

the service.

.... guests sat in gilded chairs while the mother of the bride and family

were given a vintage, oyster-colored linen, upholstered settee to sit upon.

.... music came from the simple strands of a solo violinist. 

... and the bride??  A beautiful and radiant young woman who created

her own wedding dress.  The bouquet was garden-fresh wisteria tied with 

a simple silk ribbon.  Its simplicity was offset by the gorgeous, elaborate

rhinestone necklace that emphasized the delicate features of her neckline.

Vows were exchanged in a brief but meaningful ceremony and the JOY.... 

OH! the JOY that radiated from their faces!  It says it all, doesn't it??!!

As the bride and groom retired inside their home for more photos to be 

snapped by their wedding photographer, the guests migrated to the

other side of the yard.  Strings of globe lights intertwined amongst the

trees creating the ambiance of a european piazza. I adore this look!  And 

remember I said that she loves to add an element of surprise to vintage

style by mixing in a touch of funk?  That revealed itself with this man..

the bartender, who could not only make a mean drink by day but as night 

fell, he exhibited his talent for juggling fire-lit torches.  Who knew?!

                                    ***   ***

Arriving at the airport with only 40 minutes to retrieve our luggage

and get our rental car.... changing in the airport bathroom

(I would have mowed down any elderly woman or young mother who

needed the large handicapped stall !!) ... rifling through my carry-on in

search of the printed directions to her house and guiding my husband

through streets and highways that were unfamiliar ... just small 

challenges that were nothing compared to my desire to experience a 

true southern wedding.  I will always cherish this memory.. and feel

blessed that our names were part of the family and friends guest list!

                          Cheers to the bride and groom!!


  1. Kadee - this is such a great story....and a beautiful wedding! Loved her dress and necklace and bouquet....sweet and simple!
    See you soon!

    1. I'll tell you...this was the highlight of my trip! Thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed it!