Thursday, April 26, 2012

Before I Die.....

Now wait!  Don't give up on me yet!  Yes, I know that seeing someone

post a "Before I die...." statement is not new. We've all seen it many

times before.  The movie, "Bucket List", was based on this

fill-in-the-blank statement!  After that premier, we were bombarded

with human interest stories on this subject.  Magazines did feature

articles with the tease, "Before I die....", on their front covers

hoping it would entice us to leaf through the pages seeking inspiration  

to create our own personal list.  And perhaps you purchased a blank 

notebook to start writing these ideas down... to make these fleeting 

thoughts more concrete. Make you more accountable.  With full intentions 

to tick them off one by one. Did you do this?  In the privacy of your own 

home, did you join in on this list making?  Did you ever share those 

personal desires?

The difference with this list is that it caught the corner of my eye while 

driving on a side street in a section of Chicago known as Edgewater.

Painted on the side of an unassuming building, with bold, stenciled white  

letters popping off of a black background, was a piece of artwork with a  

life of its own. No museum was housing this only to be viewed by those

who had purchased a ticket. No! This was created by anonymous 

individuals who freely shared their inner voice, sending it out into the 

world. It is vibrant... mysterious... voyeuristic... 

and ALIVE!

You know me~  it was something that made me want to draw closer!

Going around the block, in hopes of finding that coveted parking space,

I was fortunate to find one.  Directly across the street!  Meant to be, 

right?  Getting out of the car, I crossed over and was just mesmerized

by what people had written down.....

                                        ~ get a DIVORCE!!
                                        ~ live with no fear
                                        ~ fall in love

                                    ~ show in Paris Fashion Week
                                    ~ make all the migrants happy
                                    ~ write on a building
                                    ~ be a mother

                                    ~ farm my own land
                                    ~ be loved
                                    ~ climb Mt.Everest

                                       ~ visit every MLB park in America
                                       ~ get a dog
                                       ~ ride the bus
                                       ~ have no regrets
            ~ ensure that everyone I love knows how much they matter

I loved how, initially, I was the only one standing there taking the

time to read this.  However, as people passed by they became 

curious as to what I was looking at.  They took notice and they, too,

became drawn into these private thoughts on public display.  I 

could hear some chuckle while others quietly became thoughtful.

We were all sharing a moment!!  I loved that!!

While driving back to the suburbs, I kept thinking of this wall that had

so many wanting to leave their mark in the world.  Daring to expose

their desires.  If given the chance, how would I fill in the blank?

Ok.  So here goes!  

Before I die I want to live in Europe one more time
Before I die I want to let my inner jock come out and play 
Before I die I want to have a closet full of clothes that fit and coordinate

     And now I'm handing you the piece of chalk to fill in the blank! 

              What would you send out into the world?

                                 ***   ***

After doing some research, I found that New Orleans-based artist, Candy
Chang, was the force behind this.  Other installations have been in cities
such as Brooklyn, San Diego, Amsterdam and London.  Google her name along with Granville Ave.,Chicago to find out more information.

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