Sunday, April 1, 2012

Styling with Shades of Citrus

Not only was a southern wedding on my agenda for a Charleston visit,

but so was attending Charleston Fashion Week... all five nights!  I was

ready to completely immerse myself in the experience.  After all, go big

or go home, right?  There I was, each night at 7:30 pm, sitting by

myself waiting for the extravaganza to begin.  Let me clarify that....

although I am literally on my own, I am not one who stays that way 

for long.  For instance, on the first night, the gentleman sitting to my

right strikes up a conversation.  Turns out his daughter was selected

as one of the designers to show a portion of her line for the evening!

A delightful man willing to pass the time with someone close to his own

age in a sea of youth.  Another evening, I ended up chatting with a 

young woman who was part of the team producing the affair!  Talk

about getting the inside scoop!  And the finale night? I was the "new

best friend" of a woman sharing the experience with her daughter.  As

a chilled glass of champagne was extended to them, the woman made

sure that I received one, also.  Ahhhhhh..... !!! I ADORE talking to 

"strangers" much to my mother's chagrin when I exhibited this 

penchant as a little girl!

Now, I suppose you are nestled in to your chair ready to view the photos

I took of the models walking down the runway in these fabulously designed 

creations.  Imagine taking your "readers" off  (for those who sport them) 

and you're trying to read a menu.  Blurry, right?  So are my photos!!  

BUT what I am going to comment on are the people in the audience.

Charlestonians do not shy away from fashion or the latest trends.  They 

embrace them wholeheartedly with style and panache.  And the latest

trend for summer... CITRUS COLORS!  Orange... tangerine... persimmon!

To be worn in a myriad ways, such as~

                                         a linen sport coat for men

                           a cocktail dress accented with a feather fascinator

                    sharply contrasted with a black blazer and crisp white shirt.. classic!!!

                               stripes, another trend, and I adore the headband!
                            a simple tailored summer dress .. love the sleeveless cutout!

braces and bow tie accent the short sleeved shirt

                      the shot of orange played down with a worn denim jacket, rolled sleeves

                                strike a pose with this stylish cocktail dress!

chic pairing of a crisp white shirt with persimmon slacks

afraid to take the plunge? just add an accent as this young woman did!

I know that this summer I will be pulling out my orange bag from the  

back of the closet.  The one that has braided straps, fringe tassels and 

receives so many compliments. Casually tossed over my shoulder 

on the way out the door, I will be thinking.... 

Who knew it would be this easy to be stylin'??!!

***   ***
Next up?  The basics of Charleston Fashion Week 2012


  1. I can't wait to see more!!

    I love orangey tones. I have been wearing them for years...even when it's not been popular and now they are back again! YIPPEE!!


  2. When I was first married, I decorated the kitchen in shades of orange so you know it's a favorite of mine! I was just overwhelmed at seeing just how many different variations of citrus colors were worn by the people attending Fashion Week. Left no doubt that this was the color to wear this season.

  3. Kadee - I LOVE citrus colors!!! The next time you do something like this - call me!!! I'm always up for an adventure... and I adore champagne! Speaking of adventures - looking forward to reading about more of YOURS!!! Colleen

  4. I have one more post coming about this.... I hope you will like it! Love hearing you like adventures as much as I do!