Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Conversation....

Let me set the scene....husband and wife enjoying another sunny, warm

day in Old Charleston.  Having read of an interesting shop in a locally 

published magazine, they are in search of its location. Parked on a 

side street, they walk towards King Street ~ the mecca of major

and local retailers.  A street never lacking in activity.

Wife:  "Oh, my gosh!  LOOK!" as she stops dead in her tracks,  halting

her husband's pace by grabbing onto his arm.

Husband: "What?" as he looks around for the antique shop that caught

her eye or the home decor store or the independent clothing boutique

with vintage mannequins dressed in chic outfits.

Wife: "There!" pointing to the garbage bin on the side of the street stuffed

with roll after roll of architectural blueprints. 

        "I need those!" 

Husband:  "No! We're not dragging those out of a garbage bin!."  It's

obvious that his evil twin has emerged from within as he normally 

understands that his wife is just a bit quirky about picking up things

that make no sense to him at all.  

Wife: (shocked)"Why not?"  After all, she is not immune to exhibiting 

what would be odd behavior to most.  Southern ladylike behavior had 

no place in this situation!  This was true treasure and it was going to 

be hers!

Husband:  (exasperated) "We'll get them on the way back to the car."  

He realized that this was going to be a no-win situation so he'd better 

cut to the chase now and placate her.

The wife tries to shake off her fear that it might become an opportunity lost 

and trudges onward.  They turn the corner and there it is.......

... the garbage truck!  

Husband:  (sense of urgency) "Ok... let's go back and get them NOW!"

Obviously, evil twin took a nose dive back into the dark recesses of his

soul and the sweet, kind, lovely man she married, returned.

She picks roll after roll out and passes them off to the person 

standing beside her. With arms extended, he holds them firmly.  He 

even offers the suggestion that they could stash them in his golf bag 

as a means of getting them back home!  Loading them into the trunk

of the car before returning to the reason they were there in the first 

place, the wife swears she hears him mutter under his breath..........

                                      Happy wife..... happy life!
                                           ***      ***
                                You ain't just whistlin' Dixie, dear!!!!

                     Cute way to store the paper until ready for use, don't you think??


  1. Tee hee!!! I would have been chasing those things down toot sweet!!!


    1. Ahhhhh... a fellow junker! Love that, LuLu!!

  2. I have had three times recently where I really wanted to pick up some furniture being thrown out on the side of the road. One was a padded headboard for a twin size bed that I still can't stop thinking about. My problem is I can't fit it in our mini-van with all 4 kids in car seats. It is a huge bummer, but I am sure my husband is hugely relieved that I haven't dragged any more "treasures" home with me!

    1. Alanna, it CAN drive a person crazy.... I mean, it's FREE, after all!! I'm thinking that sometime down the road (tee,hee) you will find an even better treasure. I can just hear you squealing with delight!!