Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cupcake Love

Just looking at these little beauties make my mouth water!  Are they 

not just sheer perfection?  Imagine your delight when you discover

a blueberry filling inside these vanilla cupcakes iced with creamy

buttercream icing.  Nothing store bought about them!  You know

they were created with love!  As well as the entire shop. Every little

detail creates an ambiance of a treasured home, welcoming all who

walk through the door.  

So what shop is this?  Well, as you know, whenever you visit someplace

you should always ask the locals where to eat.  On that list in Charleston

is Sugar Bakeshop www.sugarbake.comWhat I love about Charleston is 

that tucked amongst the residential streets lined with homes older than 

your grandmother, are little independent businesses... a restaurant, a

haberdashery, a corner grocery store, or a bakery ~ like this!  It took 

some maneuvering to get there as Charleston has a quite a few one way 

streets.  However, the things you discover along the way makes it all worth 

the effort.  With eyes peeled, we sought out 59 1/2 Cannon Street.

                                           There it is!!!!!

Now, I am not willy-nilly about being delighted with EVERY bakeshop. My

standards are pretty high!  I have even been known to politely turn on my

heels and walk out if not impressed... whether it's with the decor or the 

product.  So with that in mind, I opened the door and I have to tell you..

I just melted!!!  I mean, look at these photos! Wouldn't you????

Did you peek inside this vintage display case and notice this??

The antique cake pans set upon the vintage scale still wearing its original

cream-colored paint... and the jello molds in front of it!

The station for fixing your coffee...

.. or tea.  Love that it is kept in a large, gallon-sized jar.  And why 

wouldn't it be.  It's SUN tea.  Notice the hand-written sign to the right?

The blend was mint the day I was there.

Look at those fresh strawberries sliced upon vanilla cake!  I'm sure

I would find a surprise inside.  And the middle one?  They called that

Almond Joy... chocolate cake with coconut topping.  And the last one?

Lemon cake, lemon curd filling with a lemon buttercream frosting.  So

many other choices all with the same flair!  Eye candy that becomes a 

taste pleasing pleasure!

I peeked out the side door and what greeted me was a charming little

garden for the patrons.  A place to leisurely sit with your cupcake, tea

or coffee and soak up some southern hospitality. Ahhhhhhhh......!!!!

As I pay the sweet, young woman behind the counter...

... I decide that Annie deserved a tasty morsel, too.  I reached in the

jar and picked out two to take home.  I know she will be just as

thankful as I am to have been on the receiving end of this new find!

                                        ***    ***
Back home in Chicago, conversation will sometimes go like this....

"How about walking to Sugar for a Peanut Butter cupcake?"

"Sounds good to me!  The weather is just perfect for a walk!"

Silence fills the room as both of us let that scenario swirl around us.

With a sigh, we both turn back to reality.....

                                                 ...... if only!!!!


  1. sweet!!!!! (in more ways than one!). Love this little place. Wish I was closer!

  2. I adore this place, too! Every detail is important to the owners and that speaks volumes, doesn't it??!!