Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fresh Starts

Like everyone else, I bought into the fact that a fresh start began 

each year on January 1st.  One year had passed with everything in

it banished from mind ~ no longer important.  The slate was wiped clean.

However, as I got older this seemed too commercial for me.  It wasn't 

personal anymore. 

When we started our family, and the boys became school-age, l 

used THAT to mark a new beginning.  With school supply list in hand,

we would join the mass of parents at Target checking off the items

needed as our children threw them in the shopping cart.  And the 

backpack... always a new one to replace the worn one from last 

year.  The first day of school and off they would go on the school

bus.  I closed the front door and would listen to the silence.  Yes,

this was MY fresh start, too.  My new beginning each year.

Now I am an empty nester.  And it truly hit me when my fresh 

start is.  No, I haven't reverted back to New Year's Day.  And I 

can't go back to those days of being a stay-at-home mom... I can 

only wistfully be reminded when I see young families with their

little ones.  No.... my fresh start is today!  Easter Sunday! After all,

it marks a new beginning in so many ways.  Nature has been

awakened with so many glorious flowers and trees in bloom.  And

my faith has told the story of renewal with the resurrection of Christ.

We've been reminded that there is not a finality in death but only the

beginning of so much more.  Ahhhhh.... now THIS is my fresh start!!

The beginning of my new year!

                                  ****     *****
            Happy Easter, Passover and Spring, Everyone!!!!


  1. This is a beautiful post. :)

    1. Julia, thanks for your sweet comment! I love knowing that you read it!!