Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Conversation.....

The beauty of being an empty nester is that I can take a 12 day

trip and not have "guilty mom" complex!  However, I do miss darling

husband!  You might not think so as we aren't the couple that calls

at the end of each day just to hear each other's voice.  In fact, in

the 12 day period we probably touched base five times.  But maybe I 

need to rethink this... especially after this conversation!!

                                 ***    ***

As I was sitting in the airport ready to head home, I sent him a quick 

text message......

ME (in full spousal-mode) ~ "Won't be long now until I board. 
Can't wait to see you!!"
REPLY~ "Are you coming home tonight? I thought you said Tuesday!"

My jaw dropped!!  How many times did I tell him I was flying

home on Monday night?! I start texting my response...

ME ~ "You are joking righ......"

The phone rings before I even finish the sentence.  It's darling husband.

With panic in his voice he says, "I thought you said you were coming 

home on Tuesday!!"

"You are joking, right?"

"No... I could have sworn that you said Tuesday."

"I can't tell you how many times I told you my plans!  You had better

hurry home and get those dancing girls out of the house before I get


We laughed and I think he was a bit relieved not to hear frustration

in my voice.  And he was right!  As I hung up the phone, I was smiling

and shaking my head.  Ok.  The guy might only hear half the things I 

say. We might not communicate perfectly. Maybe we DO need to call

more often.  Or at the very least, I need to write out my itinerary

for him.  But after 38 years, I'd say we've got most things figured out!

For instance, I knew I could now count on him meeting me at the 

airport upon arrival. Because one thing is for sure ... 

the man does not mess up twice!!


  1. Ha ha! That is hilarious. The last time we went to Debbie and shea's event, I get a call from Tom at midnight...
    Tom: "where are you?!? I've been circling the airport for 45 minutes!" (all said very frustrated)
    Shawn: " I'm in Dallas sleeping. I don't come home until tomorrow." (all said very groggily)

    So was the house all tidy when you got home? I know that Tom likes to make sure the house is to my liking by the time I get home. I can only imagine the way it looked while I was gone!

  2. I am cracking up!! What gives, right? Yes, the house was tidy and what is so funny is that now my guys tell me the drill they had to go through before I would come back home from a trip. Mark would be yelling at the kids to clean up their mess with a tone of freaking out if it didn't get done. I love hearing the behind the headlines stories!!