Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Table Gifts

Hmmmm... the sweet little package or the cake?  Which one you think is

a table gift will depend upon what state of mind you're in!  Trust me, there

are plenty of moments when that sinfully delicious carrot cake with whipped

cream cheese icing.. so rich, so creamy, so melt-in-you-mouth good..

might have an edge to my answer!!!  For instance, right now.  I haven't  

had anything to eat, yet, so you can tell where my mind is wandering!  But 

lets move on.... please!!!

Table gifts are those "little somethings" you bring to the art retreats that I

love to attend.  Think of them as little hostess gifts for the women you 

will be seated with for the duration of the event.  And in fact, "hostess

gift" is the perfect way to describe the process of deciding what to bring.

It's not expected ~ but I would feel a bit like a smuck if I didn't reciprocate.
It's not ostentatious ~ don't want to showboat and make others feel badly.
It takes some of thought ~ at least for me, it does!! 
It needs to be small enough to pack in your suitcase.. 

I must admit, I freak out about this whole thing with those "rules"

demanding equal attention in my decision-making process.  Add in the  

"perfect" factor and I'm dead in the water!

So you get the picture... me, working on this for days!  Stopping and 

starting with a myriad of ideas.. dragging this bit of trim out or that 

vintage photograph or jewelry baubles to tuck inside a wrapped package. 

I want it to say, "I bet this is from Kadee!" and, more so, I want to 

please the recipient!

Right now, I am attending Kim Caldwell's event ~ Breakfast at Tiffany's. 

I am so excited to set my completed table gift in front of each of my

tablemates' place at the table.  Here's what they look like.... 

The theme I chose to center my gift around.. I'm such a theme girl! ..

was "Celebrate".  A mini-party in a package tying in the color of

Tiffany Blue.

A vintage photo of children at a birthday party, along with a reproduced

image of a dish of ice cream (found in a teacher's curriculum packet on

nutrition.. remember it's part of the major food groups..ha, ha!), a rubbing 

of my grandmother's sterling teaspoon turned into a bookmark, and a dairy 

token. Next, I added a small folded box that would be the start of a 

package they could decorate with these embellishments....

      Cut-out butterflies with pearl center.. I edged the top of the card to give it pizzazz

                                Silk ribbon wrapped on vintage music cards from France

                   Every package needs a tag so I cut these out and used twine for the tie
                                    .... love the mix of glittery with natural elements...
                                   add in a Martha Stewart sticker in coordinating color ..

 ..and I was done!  The bonus?  Remember all those stops and starts

on the way to this idea?  Well, I now have, waiting in the wings for

my next retreat, table gifts all ready to embellish and bling out!

Thrilled beyond belief!!!!!


  1. Oooooh, Kadeee....love your gift!!!! Wish I was at your table! Yummm.

  2. Thanks so much! Gift giving is a bit difficult for me as I don't want to disappoint the receiver. But I sure have fun figuring it all out!

  3. Your table gift was great. Loved the photo especially of the young children. Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

  4. I adore birthday pictures of children. However, they are not that easy to come.. especially the vintage ones! It was such a pleasure to make these and I'm glad you were at my table!!