Thursday, May 24, 2012

That Dreamy Tiffany Blue

No standing on the outside looking into Tiffany's store window in the wee 

hours of the morning!  Not at all!  Instead, this girl immersed herself in 

a four day extravaganza where I was swathed in Tiffany blue, pearls 

and of course, that quintessential little black dress.  I knew to jump at the 

chance to sign up for Kim Caldwell's event, Affair At Tiffany's, as she 

creates an environment that goes beyond all expectations.  And this year,

she outdid herself!  I have not felt this girly in a long time!

                                          tiara created by me!!

From the tiaras on our heads ... to our Tiffany blue painted toes....

                    .... to the pearls we wore around our necks.......

..we gathered at the Belamar Hotel in Manhattan Beach to see old friends

(that perhaps we haven't seen since the previous year) and to make

new friendships, as there are always first-timers that have heard through

the grapevine that they should at least experience ONE of Kim's events!

                             ****      ****

First full day, we walked into girlie heaven where women sat at

tables adorned with swag bags and goodies not only ON the table

but also on our chairs which were draped in satin and rhinestones! Oh, my!

I'm a "garden club" drop-out and must admit I cringe at the word,

"centerpiece", but if I could have snagged this and put in it my 

suitcase, I would have.... I swooned!!

So how do you fill four days?  How do you keep 70+ women happy?

By learning, from four talented teachers willing to share their craft, 

a completed project from start to finish!

                             a lovely detailed necklace taught by Lonne Jenck

                  shabby chic mini chandelier shade taught by Kecia Frazee Deveney

                            collage and painting techniques for a journal cover
                                                         taught by Jeanne Oliver

                        darling, mixed-media album taught by Laura McCollough

And of course, we women love to eat and chat and lunches were not

a let down!  Outdoors, in the courtyard (remember that we are in

sunny California), we gathered at beautifully set tables with our

every whim attended to by a gracious staff.  How I wish I could

have a fresh tomato and mozzarella salad with freshly chopped basil

on top, drizzled with balsamic vinegar, every day!  Those are not your

midwest tomatoes, dearie!!

Dessert? Not a day went by that our sweet tooth wasn't satisfied! With a 

display that Colin Cowie would give a nod and say "well done" ...........

......a display  that tempted us to indulge in a sugary haze

...we popped malt balls into our mouths, sucked on suckers we haven't

indulged in since childhood, chewed on taffy, and savored the jordan

almonds without one bit of remorse!!

Gosh, I miss them ALL!  And trust me, there are SO many others that

didn't make it into my camera... so sorry!  But know that you are loved,

missed and embedded on my heart memory card! 

      Thanks for the fabulous time, girls, and see you next year, for sure!

              Hmmmm..... wonder what Kim has up her sleeve??!!


  1. LOVE, love, love the tiara!!! What a fabulous weekend - wish I could have been in your suitcase! Colleen

  2. I would have loved that, too!!! We do need to get together this summer, for sure! Do I hear a resounding shout of "road trip!" ??????

  3. One day I am going to go to one of Kim's events! I wanted to go to this one but . . . I see Sherry, I see Michelle, I see Shawn, I see Karen . . .

    1. I hope you do! It's so much fun just getting together, in one place, with all like-minded women!!