Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Five a Day... No Excuses!

It's summer and the farmer's markets, here in the midwest, are just

getting started.  Weekly opportunities to purchase fresh produce in the

open air... chancing into meeting your neighbors and friends while nibbling 

on a sample of bread that has been dipped in flavored, aromatic olive 

oil ... or while picking out just the right bouquet of flowers to grace that

evening's dining room table. But I have to admit that I forget to go to 

the one in our local village. The prices seem a bit high... it's bit small in

the number of vendors... and when I bite into a strawberry I want to see

RED all the way through!  Yes.... I'm spoiled.  I admit it.  Because I

know that this weekly excursion could be different.  

No, that is not a photo of me but of some adorable young woman

shopping for produce at San Luis Obispo's Thursday Farmer's Market!

Named one of the "happiest places on earth", SLO makes this event a

party!  The street is closed to traffic and vendors set up their wares.

Produce that is truly fresh.. fresh... fresh......!!!

Restaurants  fire up their grills or smokers so you can eat your dinner

 al fresco ... oh! the aroma wafting in the air to draw you in!

                        that's tri-tip steak being grilled... the BEST!!

and grilled chicken that conjures up memories of the summer church

suppers we had in our town when I was little.. still can't be beat!

Entertainment is provided not only by the characters you meet...

but also by kids that show their talents.  These boys rocked it!!

By now,  are you ready for some dessert?  How about some strawberry

shortcake?  I must admit that I don't understand not serving it on a

buttermilk biscuit but I guess the times have changed.

With all the willpower I could muster up, I passed this by! I know...

I'm shocked too!  And remember how I said I missed strawberries that 

are red all the way through?  They do exist!  I bought a whole quart, bit 

into the first berry and thought I died and went to heaven! Sweet.... warm

from being outdoors... and RED all the way through! Mmmmmmmm!!!

So how about hopping on your bike.... yes, SLO even provides a 

safe and free place to park it......

... and meet me there this Thursday!      Ahhhhhhhh ... if only!


  1. A bike valet? That's fancy living! Reminds me of an episode on Portlandia, so funny.

    Looks like you had a great day!

    1. Well... you can see why SLO is known as "one of the happiest places on earth!" What a life, huh?!