Thursday, June 7, 2012

Perched In A Moment in Time

As moms, we save the precious memories of our children growing

up. We know to preserve those moments in time by storing away the 

photos we've amassed over the years (no moment left undocumented)..

certificates earned through school or sports... 

drawings that show what interested them at that moment... Oh!  the 

changes in their development depicted in each one.....

cards handmade for you on Mother's Day or a birthday... 

each carefully chosen and placed in a box tucked away under the stairs

or in a corner of the attic.  These tangible items produce gentle 

smiles, bursts of laughter and yes, even quiet tears, as we gently touch 

each one and have a moment in time come back to life.  

But sometimes we don't need "things" to trigger a memory.


if we are lucky enough.... 

if we pay close attention.... 

an experience can happen right before our eyes where our grown children

dissolve into the child we once knew.  

I know... it happened to me!

There I was, once again, hunkered down in a wool coat that shielded me

from the chill in the air due to the sun setting on a spring evening.  It 

helped take away the discomfort from sitting on a metal bleacher.  

Yes, I said metal bleacher! While visiting my middle son, he had a softball

game to go to.  He had found a way to blend his passion for sports with

an opportunity to network with other young professionals.  They

made it into the semi-finals and this game could not be missed.  

"Do you want to come and watch?"

Not that sitting on the sidelines was my favorite thing to do... even as a

young mom... but I was not going to miss this.  Not for the world!

There were no crowds.  There weren't other mothers to sit next to.  No

concession stands.  Those times are past.  It was just me and one other

guy who was the boyfriend of one of the girls playing. We chatted while

his eyes gazed in the direction of a new love and my eyes fixated on

my son in the outfield.  Yup... there was that arm that could rocket the

ball from left field to first base still hitting the baseman's mitt with

spot-on accuracy.   I've peeled back a layer of time. When his team

was ready to come in for their turn at bat I saw another layer peel

away.  His unique gait was still present. When it was his turn at bat,

that is when the floodgates opened up.  No .... that was not a man

of 29 up there positioning the bat just so.  That was my child of 11.

And I was that young mom of ..... well, that doesn't matter!! (tee, hee).

His intensity was visible as he waited for just the right pitch.  And there

it was!  Crack goes the bat as it hits the ball on its sweet spot!  I shoot up

off that bleacher shouting, "Run, Michael, Run!!!"" (as if he needed 

direction from me!).  He rounds first.  (I'm now whooping!)  He touches

second.  (I'm fiercely clapping my hands now, oblivious to the arthritic 

finger that usually hurts when I do that).  He approaches third as the

outfielder on the opposite team has finally reached the ball and is 

ready to throw it.  "RUN, Mike.... RUNNNN!" And then he did what he 

always did at 11.  He headed home with the possibility of getting out. 

"Oh, my gosh... OH, MY GOSHHHH!!!!"  

"Safe!" says the ump. And I admit tears came to my eyes.  Just at they

are now.  That child of 11 made it home and now slowly disappeared 

being replaced by my grown son of 29.

I was so surprised at how easily.... smoothly ... and effortlessly I slipped

back to old familiar territory.  But habits of motherhood die hard, don't

they?  And would we have it any other way?  I will always feel so 

blessed to have had that moment in time.  A memory that will not be

placed in a box along with the other items but one that will have its 

special place in my heart!  Priceless!!!


  1. So sweet! I know that same feeling with my baby boy. OK he's 6'8" but, he's still my baby boy! Vesak ga indeed! hugs!

  2. And Charlene... they know how to make a sandwich for themselves but when they ask for your grilled sandwich and a cup of tomato soup ~ well, you just do it and willingly!!


  3. Mine are still so little and we are just building all these moments and I am trying so hard not to miss a single one, but when you are in the early stages some days feel very overwhelming! Mine are ages 7,5,3,18mo. I was just thinking this afternoon how I have to really appreciate all the moments this summer. Thanks for this Kadee!

  4. Oh, Alanna.... those early years can be so tough. I remember desperately wanting, at times, my own space away from it all. It's a lot of work. But time manages to fade away those moments and leaves you with the memories of the most precious moments.

  5. It happens so fast that it's difficult to appreciate when you're in the middle of it. Thank you for this reminder!

  6. Oh, you made me cry. I am that mom of a 10 year old baseball player, and 8, and 5 and it is just going so fast. The summer seems as if it is almost over and I need to start school shopping. I am dragging my heels trying to make the time last longer.

  7. Kadee, you are a gifted writer! I was there, feeling every emotion with you! Such joy and beautiful memories! Yes, as a mother of four, two grown and out on their own, I share your feelings and count the blessings of motherhood and making beautiful people!

    1. Laura.... I can't tell you how much I appreciate you thoughtful words! Truly! And I must say, that I still have tears come to my eyes when I read it because if only I could have one more time to hold my little boy again! That would be just the best! Thanks so much for reading my blog!!!!

  8. This made me a mother of two boys myself, the baby just turned avid baseball player all through his life...he is now playing on a mens softball team...and you are so right....they become our babies this post :)

    Lou Cinda

    1. I'm so glad it resonated with you! I'm really thankful that I wrote down my story and thoughts on this one as you well know.... time passes, memories fade, and I don't want to ever lose this moment! Thanks for your sweet comments!