Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Say it isn't so!!!!

Yup... feeling like good ol' Charlie Brown!  There he is, all fired up to 

kick the football as Lucy holds it in place for him.  Arrrrggghhh!  She

yanked it right out from under his foot at the last minute!

Lucy = Google/iphoto

football = my blog 

Charlie = me, happily writing away and uploading photos for a new post.

Google yanked the ability for me to continue on, as I have used up all

the GB's available... and in the middle of a post, no less!

How was I supposed to know that I am to constrain the size of the photos?

You mean there is an limit to space available if I don't???

Certainly is!  And that means a trip to the Apple store to figure all this out!

So, until I get the answers and learn more techie stuff, this will have to do

for now.  I'm so sad ~ waaaaaaaa!!!!


  1. Oy! That happened to me too last year and I had to start resizing my photos so I wouldn't go over the limit! It stinks!

    Trying to catch up on Blog visits this morning! Work has been getting in the way of my frivolity! Tee hee!


    1. And I need to give up frivolity to do some work!! Somewhere in the middle is the sweet spot, huh!!