Monday, July 30, 2012

A Conversation.....

Scene:  Gorgeous summer day.. just perfect for a road trip!  People set in their respective places in the car.  Husband ~ driver.  Wife ~ co-pilot.  Four-legged child ~ backseat, faithful companion.  

Within half a mile from home...... within driving distance to turn around without making a dent into scheduled ETA...

Wife: "OH! I forgot the directions I printed out!"

Husband:  "Don't worry.  I checked the map and I know where I am going."

Been down this road, both literally and figuratively, many times before!!!!

Look out the window.. enjoy the views.... husband is giddy having suggested something to do and wife hasn't amended the situation (sad to say, but normal behavior. I'm bad.... just so bad!!!).

Two hours later... close enough to be near the destination.....

Wife: Are you sure you know where we are going?

Husband: Yes.... see? We need to go east and then we'll run into the freeway.

Wife: (slightly annoyed) But it says we're going south!

Husband: (remaining calm): No... look!  It's right here on the GPS! (As if we have ever figured out how to use the darn thing!)

We are now three and one-half hours into the two and one-half hour trip.

Husband:  We're almost there!

Annie's expression couldn't be more spot on..

Annie: Seriously????!!!!! This is so sad.. tisk, tisk, tisk!

Wife: (now frantically looking out the window for any sign of where they are).

Wife:  Really???  Texas?????  What happened to Michigan???!!!!

(Ok... it says Texas Township but I couldn't resist.  Thank heavens we both have a sense of humor!  Gotta love the guy!).

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  1. I so roared! We are on our way home from being gone for over 3 weeks! Today was a LONG one & it's good we got off the road when we did... Ya know what I mean? Enjoy your trip. And sadly I won't be at Diana's next class. Enjoy. I will try to post my new piece soon.