Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Top 10 Summer Memories....


*running barefoot on gravel driveways and it didn't hurt one bit....

*picking strawberries in the farmer's field down the road.. bringing home
     quarts of these juicy treats (red all the way through!) and watching
     mother stand at the stove stirring the huge pot of homemade jam.
     Glass jars lined up in a row, ready to be filled and then topped with
     a layer of paraffin.  Meant to last the duration of winter.

*sleeping in cotton seersucker babydoll pajamas

*cotton sleeveless blouses ... no worries about the "batwing" arms I 
     would be sporting at a much older age!

*the art of hanging freshly washed sheets on the clothesline... suspended
     from the cotton rope clothesline with wooden clothespins.  The smell
     of those sheets on the bed that night cannot be duplicated by any 
     current softener product or spray.

*silver ice tea spoons resting in ice tea glasses... yes, they had names then!

 *there was an art to keeping the house cool as we didn't have central
     air.  Since I lived in an historic home, the walls were plaster which 
     aided in this process.  First, open the windows and let the morning
     air in. Around 11:00 am, close them and pull down the shades until
     4:00 that afternoon. Shades up.. windows opened again and Voila!
     Air conditioning in its truest form!

*the drone of the locusts... still love that sound!

*the smell of a cigarette, hanging in the air on a muggy summer night.  
     To this day, that smell conjures up the memory I have of my father.
     My parents divorced when I was four and visits were few.  But one 
     summer, my dad had us stay with him and, like so many back then,
     he was a smoker.  It would spiral and just hang there for a moment
     before dissipating into nothingness. Rather symbolic, don't you think?
     And I mean that in a positive way.

*day trips to the Connecticut shore to cool off.  As I was the youngest,
    my place in the car was in the middle of the backseat. Not pleasant!
    After a while, I would get weary of what seemed like an interminably 
    long drive.  Slowly, I would lean my head, with eyes drooping, on my 
    aunt's lap, who's position in this family adventure, was next to me.
    I would be jolted out of this dream-like state to the sound of her 
    saying.... "Wrinkles!! She's going to put wrinkles on my dress!!" Still
    cracks me up when I think of this!

So there you have it... my top 10 childhood summer memories!  I am

sure I could dig up more but I will save that for another time.  What

do you remember from the "good ol' days"?  I would love to hear from



  1. Too funny, that is a lot of how I grew up. The slamming of the screen door, I can still hear my mother yelling for us to get in or stay out. No wet feet in the house. Always try to catch a breeze in the house. The same is true today. We do not have air conditioning and as I write there is a beautiful breeze coming in my office window. Even though my husband and I built this house only 14 years ago, we wanted the look and feel of a vintage home.

  2. Oh, I love your memories! Nothing beats the sound of a screen door slamming, right?? And I can just hear your mother yelling.. LOL!

  3. Sweet summer and childhood memories,lot what you wrote brought back so much. It was easier then, yes?? We were out side all the time and were always on the go. One of my most favourite memories, was sitting in the car with my dad as we drove in the country side and him pointing out the bright yellow canola fields and telling me "look Mari, margarine fields"... Miss him every day!!!

    1. What a sweet memory! Aren't we glad they still exist in our minds? So thankful! Thanks for sharing and happy to have you drop by!