Monday, October 8, 2012

Sunday's Simple Pleasure ...Church Rummage Sales

The charm of an old church pulls on my heartstrings!  It brings me such

peace and calm as I gaze at its grand stature.  From the towering spire 

standing watch over the town......

... to the old oak double doors graced with heavy iron pulls....

... to elaborate stone arches that guide you towards a simple courtyard 

where you can sit quietly and listen to Him speaking to you.

For me, living in a small New England town, church was the fabric of my

life. Weaving memories whose strength has not faded with time but stayed

just as strong as if it were yesterday. As if it was only a short time ago that I

was a little girl running in the church yard with friends or trying my best to sit

quietly in the pew through church service... the minister's words droning on

about things I wouldn't understand until much later. I have so many memories,

don't you?

Do you remember helping with a pancake breakfast?  Or do you remember

the aroma of chicken being grilled outdoors on grates that were so heavy it

took two men to grab hold of the handles to flip over so it could cook on 

the other side?   A church barbeque that drew crowds from all over!  Or the

Christmas Bazaar where the ladies would work on clothespin reindeer to sell as

tree ornaments or some in the kitchen making penuche fudge for the sweet

shop?  Perhaps you remember the yearly rummage sale when closets and

garages were cleaned out and items, that had lost their use, were now

priced pennies on the dollar?

Those were the memories that gently floated back to me as I stood in a long

line waiting for a rummage sale to begin.  A yearly rummage sale at a local 

church where throngs of people respectfully waited knowing that bargains were

their reward.  Great "stuff", all neatly displayed making it all the more

enticing to pick up and take home.  The shout of "You can come in, now!" is 

heard and we all rush forward eager to snag a bargain!  What did I find?

Madeleine tins.......  53 of them for $5.00!!!!

A bag of brass doorknobs and two wooden finials...... $2.00!

Lots of laces and crocheted pieces.....

And last, was this perfect color of blue, canvas tape measure... Love it!!

With two bags clutched in my hands, I walked back to my car.  Feeling

pleased with my purchases.  What a wonderful way to spend a 

late fall afternoon!


  1. You found some great things, Kadee! The laces are very yummy but I also love everything else you bought.
    Have a lovely week!

    1. It wasn't a lot but as I'm price driven, it was amazing!! I was at another flea market where those tins were priced at .33 cents apiece! And the donor of the brass knobs had $5 apiece on each one! Woohoooo!! I sure felt lucky!

  2. My friend Erin from Just Grand called and said that we need to meet since we both wrote about Madeleine pans and live a block apart. I agree. Come for coffee!

    1. It is such a small world, isn't it??!! Yes, we need to get together for sure. Unfortunately, this week and next I am running ragged. My son is having a knee operation in Cleveland at the Cleveland Clinic. THird operation and hopefully the last! I'm so jittery right now trying to tie things up here and head out to take care of him! I know..... breathe.... breathe!!! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I will hop on over to yours!

    2. Yikes! Good luck with the surgery and we'll catch up when you're back in town.

  3. Loved the way you wrote so sweetly about church. It is also part of the fabric of my life now. Love your finds. xo, olive

    1. Sometimes I find it hard to locate a church that feels like the one I went to as a little girl. Nothing will ever replace that one! Thanks for dropping by, Olive.... enjoy your week!!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful afternoon to me too!
    Thank you for stopping by my was a joy to visit you!

    1. Come back often... I would love to have you visit!!

  5. You found some wonderful goodies....I especially love those little tins! I haven't been to a church rummage sale in years but will be on the lookout for one now :o)

    1. Thanks for dropping by!! Yes, it's fun going to things that you haven't done in years. And as I say, the prices are great and it helps out their charities!

  6. WOW - I am ecstatic over here at over your LUCKY DOG finds! The tins and lace are to die for...the doorknobs so super cool! You hit the jackpot! I do not find that the rummage sales in the south are NEARLY as good - ! So happy for you!

  7. I am so driven by price points.. sometimes to my detriment! But I agree.... it was worth the long wait in line to snag these!