Monday, October 1, 2012

Sunday's Simple Pleasures... Antiquing and Apples

My eyes had just peeked open and, even though I was still quite groggy, I
was aware that we needed to get up immediately!  A road trip took us back
to Allegan Antique Market for their last show of the season.  And the sun
displayed a promise of a fabulous fall day for shopping outdoors at the fairgrounds.

The highlight of my shopping excursion?  This!  A metal bin like the one I 
remember from childhood. I love this iconic design for a waste bin.. so 
classic with it's swinging door, front and back, and a top which does not come
completely off as it has heavy metal hinges supporting it.  Making for easy access in order to dispose of its contents.  I will have to paint the interior
of it as it is pretty rusty but that's an easy fix.

Heading back home, partially on country roads... the tops of the trees just
beginning to show a tinge of color.  Making us aware that nights have  
become cooler and that daylight is becoming shorter.

Choosing back roads so we can happen upon an apple orchard.  So many
dot this region of Michigan!  Pulling over to the first one we find, we grab
a peck of honey sweet apples (my favorite!) and......

... freshly picked purple grapes (how I wish you could just smell these! So strong with fragrance and so sweet to the taste!  Mmmmmmm!!).  And as
we headed back to the car, we bought two of these....

... not store bought or prepackaged from somewhere else, but freshly made,
on the premises, apple cinnamon doughnuts!.  Even darling husband, who is not a "sweet" eater, savored every morsel of this as we sat in the car quietly
relishing this pleasure!

A morning spent outdoors perusing antique treasures.. the pleasure of 
being immersed in the bustle of friendly people..... country stands selling
their produce of the season.... the sun now setting in the distance. Marking
not only the end of a glorious day but the beginning of a season that I treasure the most.  Those tinged leaves, highlighted by the sun's rays will, within a blink 
of an eye, become a blaze of color.  Worthy of another Sunday drive back
to Michigan!  Simple pleasures!


  1. Looks like a wonderful day! We have not been to Michigan in a few years now that we live up north.We need to take a trip back! Great antiquing! And what a fun treasure too! Love bringing back those apples.And those donuts are always yummy!

    1. As we were driving down those country roads, I kept thinking of where you live. You are so fortunate! And as I said, I have it on my agenda to get up there between now and Thanksgiving as I've heard such wonderful things about that lovely, little village.

  2. Next time you head to an antique market in MI give me a shout. I would love to meet you there ;)

    1. Okey, dokey! I think it doesn't start again until next April but let's keep in touch!

  3. Wow this post and your excellent photography really takes me there. I feel it!

    1. I always love hearing that someone likes my photography... I really appreciate your taking the time to say that! So far, I only own a point and shoot and realize that I need to graduate to what I call, the "big girl" camera... LOL The technology scares me so I'm waiting until I get the courage to buy one! And to think at my age I still have feelings like this!

  4. Your sun coming over the water shot is just lovely.

  5. I can almost smell and almost taste these doughnuts, and it is making me very hungry – you’re killing me! I am not eating today until dinner, so you might imagine just how I am feeling.

    It looks like you have enjoyed a beautiful day. I am a morning person who highly dislikes missing the sunrise (even while on vacation); I love your early morning photo.

    :) Hope

    1. Well, how brave are you to not eat until dinner!! Yes, those doughnuts were worth every single extra calorie consumed! Nothing beats homemade! Ok... now be brave and continue on with your dietary plan. I will cheer you on even while licking the crumbs off my face! LOL

  6. Replies
    1. It was a great day! The weather could not have been better and it's so much fun getting off the highways and driving down country roads. I told my husband.... "This is MY heaven!" All those glorious trees make my heart go pitty-pat!

  7. Oh how you make me miss autumn and my hometown with this post. I miss those back roads fleamarkets and fresh homemade foods. This will be the first year in a long time that i will not be back in the midwest for the full month of october. Those crisp mornings and even more crisp nights. Aaah i miss it all so much. Great post ;

  8. NO WAY!!!! You were NOT there, too, Kadee!!!! lol! We probably walked right past each other multiple times since Michelle and I went around that place 3 times. lol! I guess we BETTER start communicating better, girl! It was a great day, wasn't it? Quite a change from last month, huh? Much better shopping weather. :) Love your sweet vintage trash can! That sure brought back memories of being in the school cafeteria. :) Have a fabulous week - and stay warm!!! It's cold up here now!

    xoxo laurie

  9. Too funny, right? I thought for sure you said you weren't able to make it to the last one. Darn it!! Yes, we have the cold weather, too! My son and husband went to the Miami/Notre Dame game last night... got down to mid 40's. Yikes! Too cold for me to watch!! Take care..... xoxo