Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Thanksgiving Prayer.....

                          For beauty in nature, Your glory we see     
                          For joy and health, friends and family               
                        For daily provision, Your mercy and care
                       These are the blessings You graciously share.
                         So today we offer this response of praise
                   With a promise to follow You all of our days.
                                                                     ~Mary Fairchild

    The gravel path that Annie and I take on our morning walk, was strewn with

these perfect little leaves.  One after another.  All variegated, oval leaves

perfectly edged in frost!  A glittered outline still visible until the sun kisses it 

and melts all traces of perfection away. Nature displaying its best work ...

giving us a prelude to the holiday season!  

I was thankful, that day, that God opened my eyes to see that His touch is

visible in every little detail.  Not to forget, I snapped these pictures.  I hope

you enjoyed them!

    Wishing you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!                  


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More About the Flower Swap

One by one, we lined up our creations.  Anxious with anticipation!  Still hearing

that voice inside saying, "Did I do enough?  Did I do too little?"  And not

knowing the answer until each one was opened.  Scooping up our parcels,

we headed to a corner of the room ready to see what laid inside each 

beautifully presented box.  Within seconds, we turned into group of giddy

women, delighted with fabulous fabric flowers each different from the other!

A creamy, white wired ribbon rose ... 8" in diameter. Layer upon
layer creating this luscious look. Can't you see this on a boudoir pillow?

Taupe petals, mixed with glittered tulle. Each edge tinged in a deeper shade of taupe due to its fabrication.  Petals gently curled up. A lovely rhinestone center. And backed with a vintage crocheted doily. Delicious!

A Dior rose!  A lovely twist of fabric to create the folds.  Pearl center and cream seam binding cascading down. So unique. So elegant!

A beautifully inspired vintage fabric flower that laid flat... as if found in the
bottom of a drawer.  Shell pink fabric petals mixed with cream.  Touches of
lace and chiffon.  A rhinestone center. Very romantic!

Was this not a fabulous swap or what?  How I would love for all of us to sit

down and teach each other our tricks!


As for mine with the story about Elise, I thought I would print it here so 

it's easier to read.  Enjoy!

                Elise pushed her way through the
       throngs of passengers gathered at
       the railing of the Olympia. She lets
       out a gasp at the realization that
       they had finally arrived at their
       A new country...
       A new beginning!
       As Elise brushes away the tears
       that have welled up in her eyes,
       her slight fingers brush against the
       corsage her mother had pinned on
       her wool coat before leaving.  Worn
       from traveling, she is grateful for the
       reminder of where she came from..
       and what she left behind.    


Monday, November 19, 2012

Fabric Flower Swap

As with most events I go to, there are wonderfully, creative swaps you can sign

up for.  I see it two ways.  One, it's a way to keep your anticipation high 

knowing that in a matter of months, weeks or days you will be immersed in

in a fabulous getaway. Two, it's a challenge to see just what you can do with

the parameters of the swap established by the organizer.  At Spellbound, I

chose to take part in the Fabric and Ribbon Flower Swap.  The guidelines?

                     "Flowers should be 4 to 6 inches in diameter.  In keeping 
                                 with the vintage feel, colors should stay in the ivory,
                                 beige, tan color schemes.  Feel free to "gild" your flower
                                 up if you like, but it's not necessary."

While thumbing through the large quantity of cabinet cards I have amassed, 

I knew I wanted to utilize one of them. It was this young woman's haunting

face that reached out to me... just look at those eyes!  There is a story there

and I wanted to use that as the purpose for my flower.  The reason for its

existence.  So, if I have a story as my jumping point, then the utilization

of discarded book covers made perfect sense!

I created a new illustration by combining this photo with an overlay of the

woman's face, printing it onto handmade, creamy white paper.  As I didn't 

want the image of the child to show, I proceeded to cover that section with 

some vintage handwritten paper...

and embellished even further with bits and pieces of vintage laces.

Seven tags in all!

Seven, ready for the fabric flower!

And this is what I made!

Blingy centers.....

Seven fabric flowers ready for the tags!

And on the back?  To continue with the theme of a book and its story, I 

attached a library card pocket with a story I had written about this woman.

I was delighted at how all of this fell together.  I was delighted to combine

my love of writing with another form of creativity!  All that was left to 

complete this project was to add the rumpled seam binding through the

punched hole at the top.

Elise, and her story, were now ready to be passed along!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


All I needed was time to heal.  Yes, I had physical pain from a very bad case

of gout.  And I realized that it was my own fault.  It can be 2:00 in the 

afternoon and it will dawn on me that all I have had to drink is half of a venti

iced green tea.  Equivalent to maybe 12 oz. of liquid!  I can't do that or the

uric acid builds up in my system. Well, blah..blah... blah.... you can surmise

the rest!  Nine days of hobbling around as the pain slowly receded.

But I also was reeling from mental angst.  I was going through a spell of

situations where negativity seemed aimed at me. Try as I might to dodge

the bullets, I was an open target.  Should I fight back?  Tried that before

but somehow they got the memo to wear deflective clothing at all times.

Yes, in their minds,  I'm the one being too sensitive or worse ~ just totally

wrong!!  I'll tell you, my neck was getting sore from turning the other cheek

over and over again.

I was really getting to a point where I was doubting everything.  Am I really

creative or just kind of?  Is my blog good enough for others to enjoy or

am I just banging away on the keyboard to only hear crickets in blogland?

Is any of this worth it as it seems so many others have grabbed at the brass

ring and got it!  WOW!!  Did I needed to shake this off or what?!  I realized 

that I had become a "super sponge" and was absorbing all the negativity

 coming my way.. whether it was physical or personal.  How did I allow this to


 Thankfully, I was sent an angel my way who saw the place where I was at

and encouraged me to stick to my plan of attending an art event in California.

Even though mentally I was hurting, my foot had finally repaired itself.

I packed art supplies and clothes and flew to sunny CA... a place where I

always say my soul belongs.  That should have been a big sign right there!

My destination was an art event called, Spellbound.  Produced by the 

dynamic duo of Shea Fragoso and her mother, Debbie Murray.... two women,

who, through hard work, perseverance, and bucket loads of talent, have

taken the creative world by storm.  Attendees were treated to a luxury

hotel, two days (and one night) of classes taught by top-notch instructors,

and most importantly... most importantly, friends, old and new!

I was thirsty for a loooong dose of friendship.  I needed to drink at 

the fountain of caring, supportive people who got me.. and I them!

And drink, I did.  We helped each other in classes where we were acquiring

new skills.  We shot big, genuine, welcoming smiles in each other's direction.

We listened to each other tell stories of what we had been doing since last

we were together. New friends were added to old and we welcomed them 

with open arms.  I love these women... I love these adventures!

I was now satiated and content.  Returning home, and after I unpacked

my suitcases, I turned to my husband and said, "Thank you!  No.... I don't

mean it in the respect that I need your permission or approval to go on

my adventures.  (We don't have that kind of relationship). I just mean, "thank

you" for understanding that I need to get away sometimes.  I just mean,

"thank you" for appreciating who I am."

The corners of his mouth turned up as he looked at me and smiled.  

"You just always come home happier and I like that!"

As we hugged, I squeezed him just a bit tighter.  Am I blessed or what??!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

As we all know, life can get in the way of our best intentions.  I've been busy

taking care of others and as usual I put myself waaaaaay down on the list. 

When will I ever learn????  As a result I have been nursing an injury and at

the same time trying to make it to an event on the west coast (keeping my

fingers crossed!).  I have lots of ideas rumbling around in my head  that I 

can't wait to share with all of you but until then I am a bit absent here.

I am so very grateful to all of those who read my blog as well as those that

follow... you all mean the world to me!  I hope you patiently wait for my

return.  It won't be long ~ I promise!

Soooooo.... please wait to be seated in your comfy chair in front of the 

computer.  I will be with you shortly!!!!!!