Monday, November 19, 2012

Fabric Flower Swap

As with most events I go to, there are wonderfully, creative swaps you can sign

up for.  I see it two ways.  One, it's a way to keep your anticipation high 

knowing that in a matter of months, weeks or days you will be immersed in

in a fabulous getaway. Two, it's a challenge to see just what you can do with

the parameters of the swap established by the organizer.  At Spellbound, I

chose to take part in the Fabric and Ribbon Flower Swap.  The guidelines?

                     "Flowers should be 4 to 6 inches in diameter.  In keeping 
                                 with the vintage feel, colors should stay in the ivory,
                                 beige, tan color schemes.  Feel free to "gild" your flower
                                 up if you like, but it's not necessary."

While thumbing through the large quantity of cabinet cards I have amassed, 

I knew I wanted to utilize one of them. It was this young woman's haunting

face that reached out to me... just look at those eyes!  There is a story there

and I wanted to use that as the purpose for my flower.  The reason for its

existence.  So, if I have a story as my jumping point, then the utilization

of discarded book covers made perfect sense!

I created a new illustration by combining this photo with an overlay of the

woman's face, printing it onto handmade, creamy white paper.  As I didn't 

want the image of the child to show, I proceeded to cover that section with 

some vintage handwritten paper...

and embellished even further with bits and pieces of vintage laces.

Seven tags in all!

Seven, ready for the fabric flower!

And this is what I made!

Blingy centers.....

Seven fabric flowers ready for the tags!

And on the back?  To continue with the theme of a book and its story, I 

attached a library card pocket with a story I had written about this woman.

I was delighted at how all of this fell together.  I was delighted to combine

my love of writing with another form of creativity!  All that was left to 

complete this project was to add the rumpled seam binding through the

punched hole at the top.

Elise, and her story, were now ready to be passed along!!!


  1. Hi Kadee,
    this ia absolutely gorgeous - it just blows me away.Oh, how I wish I was in that swap:)Love how you put everything together and your Elise is gorgeous.Would you share your Elise with us??? Have a wonderful week.

  2. STUNNING!!!!!!!!! Swaps.... always fun but, nerve racking. I just finished up mine for Winter Wonderland & as always the stress of "will they like it". I love the way you imposed the face on the photo. I would love to read your Story. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. HUGS!

    1. I so get the feeling nervous part.... is it too much? is it too little? did I meet expectations? Knowing you, someone is very lucky to receive a swap gift from you! And how I wish I was going to Winter Wonderland! I'm going to miss all of you sooooo much! And the story for the flower? I'm going to post it on my blog. Thanks for your kind thoughts....

      gobble, gobble!!!!

  3. Wow..really lovely creation. All your elements worked so well. I love swaps too, but just a busy time right now. Thanks for sharing, wish I was on the receiving end!!! Enjoy a creative day.

    1. Hey, Sylvia! Thanks for dropping by! I can understand the busy part. Just doing the swap, alone, requires so much time and thought. Add on holidays or a business and it can get pretty harried!! Have a great Thanksgiving and I can't wait to see what you're up to this Christmas!

  4. Just gorgeous! I watched everyone opening their flowers at the swap Thursday night, totally envious of you all to get such treasures (although I got plenty of treasures in the vintage trim swap!) I love how you combined the vintage photos and created a story to go with your flower. It was so great to meet you at Spellbound, and I am already making plans to attend again next year. Hope to see you there!


    1. Sue... I never saw the other swaps or what the recipients received! Sure wish I had as it's always so much fun seeing how everyone interprets the parameters of the swap! Loved getting to know you at this event! It will be so hard to wait until next year, won't it?! Thanks for your sweet comments!

  5. if only i were lucky enough to live near you and your sweet flower swap!.........this was beautiful.