Saturday, December 22, 2012

Candlelight at Christmas Time

Do you collect things that tickle you only to tuck them away for future use?  Or

perhaps have you bought things that you thought for sure would work in your

home only to find out not so much??  I have.  This wooden tool carrier?  Bought

at a country auction while living in Iowa.  Never used.  The tallest blue ball jar?

My mother bought this for me, years ago, at a yard sale in Connecticut for

$5.00!  One that has visible air bubbles in the glass verifying its antiquity.

Used on occasion but not often enough.  Two items that were placed in the far

reaches of my storage cupboard.  Until this holiday season!

I was inspired to combine these items together to create a charming little

touch of holiday spirit.  Using Annie Sloan Clear Wax, I rubbed down the old

wood of the carrier to bring out its richness.  Just a light touch was all that 

was needed to bring it back to life.  As the carrier was divided into six sections

I knew that each would be perfect to contain a blue ball jar.  Problem was, I

only had two.

 I needed four more to complete this display.  Do you hear me shouting

"road trip"?  Yes, I knew exactly where to find more and that took me to 

another visit to Old Green Shutters Antiques.   I was not disappointed!

With six blue jars tucked in their respective places, I was now ready to 

dress it up with some finery.  To add some pizazz!!  As these were destined to

hold votive candles, I didn't want to use fresh greens, as perfect and lovely as 

it would have been.  Instead, I used a spray of "greens" that had touches of

"snow" and pinecones... perfect for that homey feel! The addition of two long

pieces of rusted wire meandering throughout was the last little touch.

Next? The votive candles.  They needed to tall enough to have their flame

visible through the greens and over the side of the carrier and yet not too tall 

as to risk something catching on fire.  Yikes!  Not such a merry thought!  AND

the candles needed to be contained so that, as the wax melted, it wouldn't

become a major disaster with wax needing to be scraped from the bottom of

the jars.  Hmmmmm....

My solution?  I offer two.  At PierI, they have glass votive holders for 50 cents.

Frugal me loved that price!  Place a short votive candle inside and all will work

just fine.  My other suggestion is something I found at Pottery Barn.  Taller 

votive candles already in their own glass holders.  A set of sixteen (burn time: 

14 hours) for $29.  Frugal me gasped but bit the bullet!  And see how they work

just beautifully?

Ok .... one new decorative element added to my holiday decor!  Ready to

be lit at night creating a warm, Christmas-y glow!!  Turn off the lights, honey,

and let's snuggle up!!



  1. I'm sure the shimmering candles against the blue bottles and greenery make your table so festive! Beautiful job Kadee!

    1. It took my a long time to get on the "blue" bandwagon, but I've jumped on with both feet! And it made the decision so much easier, with this project, that the jar mother bought me years ago was blue. Thanks for dropping by, Michelle!

  2. Merry Christmas Kadee!

    Your display turned out perfect... I have so many things in the cupboard that I never use... I am trying to go through and find new purposes for some of my finds...

    Amy Jo

    1. It's so easy to do that.. to collect things thinking you'll use them only to "save" them for something special. That was my mother and grandmother's mantra and I guess I followed right in step! I plan on having a garage sale this spring just to purge. And to think I've had 3 in the past five years!! Yikes! So glad you liked this project, Amy Jo! Good to see that you dropped by my blog... I really appreciate that!

  3. Replies
    1. Have a very Merry Christmas, Marie! I know it will be a joyous one for you!

  4. I love how you put everything together! The wooden box with the blue jars and greenery look perfect for Christmas! Hope your Christmas is Merry!

    1. Thanks for the compliments, Janet! I wish a very happy day, today..... Merry Christmas!!