Monday, July 30, 2012

A Conversation.....

Scene:  Gorgeous summer day.. just perfect for a road trip!  People set in their respective places in the car.  Husband ~ driver.  Wife ~ co-pilot.  Four-legged child ~ backseat, faithful companion.  

Within half a mile from home...... within driving distance to turn around without making a dent into scheduled ETA...

Wife: "OH! I forgot the directions I printed out!"

Husband:  "Don't worry.  I checked the map and I know where I am going."

Been down this road, both literally and figuratively, many times before!!!!

Look out the window.. enjoy the views.... husband is giddy having suggested something to do and wife hasn't amended the situation (sad to say, but normal behavior. I'm bad.... just so bad!!!).

Two hours later... close enough to be near the destination.....

Wife: Are you sure you know where we are going?

Husband: Yes.... see? We need to go east and then we'll run into the freeway.

Wife: (slightly annoyed) But it says we're going south!

Husband: (remaining calm): No... look!  It's right here on the GPS! (As if we have ever figured out how to use the darn thing!)

We are now three and one-half hours into the two and one-half hour trip.

Husband:  We're almost there!

Annie's expression couldn't be more spot on..

Annie: Seriously????!!!!! This is so sad.. tisk, tisk, tisk!

Wife: (now frantically looking out the window for any sign of where they are).

Wife:  Really???  Texas?????  What happened to Michigan???!!!!

(Ok... it says Texas Township but I couldn't resist.  Thank heavens we both have a sense of humor!  Gotta love the guy!).

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flea Market Finds

You saw my studio space.  To get it that way, I did a lot of purging to 
achieve that!  I was merciless!  In the back of my mind were two things..

1. Imagine packing up all that stuff those supplies and moving... really??!!
In our next home, we would be scaling down and where would it all go?

2. I think I finally have figured out where my interests lie.  Or at least for
now. You just never know for sure, though.  Take a new class and off I go,
with the adrenalin coursing through my veins. Squealing with delight as I 
toss new supplies and tools into my overflowing shopping cart. But for the    
moment, things under control!

So, with that in mind what the heck am I thinking?  Letting things dribble
back in? For months, I have been turning a blind eye to all the "Garage/Estate Sale" signs.  And heaven knows, those tacky, beat up billboards on the
side of the road, letting you know that an antique mall was straight ahead,
kept calling my name.  But I held strong and continued driving! And flea markets? I would lightly pencil them in on my calendar knowing that I could quickly erase them from sight.  

However...... I give!  I can't take it anymore!! I need my fix and I need it
now forever always!!!! It's in my blood and I can't deny it!  Decision made...
I'm off to the flea market on Sunday!

It starts at 6 am and with one eye opened, I check the time and decide 
not to hit the snooze button.  Baby, I'm back!!!!

Gorgeous morning with the sun already smiling down on me!  Meant to be!
Armed with my large totebag, small bills in my wallet, a tank full of gas..
I pull out of the driveway.

Already the place is teeming with people ready to snag a deal!  But I have to 
say, I was disappointed.  In just a year's time, this weekly flea has become
table after table of socks, tools, clothes, etc. with just a few treasures sprinkled in. Not that it was a mecca for vintage items.  But you could find a few. Ok...
Shake it off. I won't be "Negative Nancy". Let's walk down the rows and see what we can come up with......

Short but cute.  And the price?  $7.00!  Fabuluous!  But I don't need it.
Keep walking.

How many style magazines have you spied these in?!  Price... $10.00 each!
Don't need them.... keep walking.

This cracked me up..... card tables being pawned off as picnic tables!
Price is right but not something I need OR want.
Keep walking.

Now there's something I could use.  The way my bottom half looked thirty
years ago!!!  Guess I should consider the weights, huh!
Keep walking.

All right.... so, let me show you what I did spy that ended up coming home with me.

Vintage wedding photos... $1.00 each

Vintage game board with wonderful colors and graphics...

This was the backside..... and the Bakelite dice? $1.00 each

Second game board found at the same booth... 

Again, charming graphics!  Mint condition.... both boards for $9.00

Lace trims.. $1.00 each
10 yards of fabric with a remnant thrown in.... $5.00

The reason why I am spouting off the prices of things is to let you know that 
even though there was a ton of "junk", it's worth sorting through all that to
find the gems. Especially at those prices.  I'm so driven by a bargain!!
So, am I going next Sunday?  Hmmmmm.... you never know.  If one
eye opens and peeks at the clock, I know it will start a small gnawing at
me.  It's all about the thrill of the hunt and I have to say I love that feeling!

Tell me your recent find at a flea... what did you discover that made you
feel like you scored?  

Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's a Studio Party!!

Oh, mylanta!  It's not only a new look to my blog (more to come at
a later post) but I have joined a blog  studio party!  WoohooO! Good
times... good times! So let's get started as I have lots to show you.

I live in a home built in 1929 which makes my heart sing!  And the 
quirks?  Like when you drop a bead on this floor and it takes off on
its own due to a slight slant?  Love it!  Reminds me of that Seinfield
episode where Jerry and Elaine go apartment hunting.  They find 
the floors are uneven.  Elaine goes into this goofy sliding of her
foot to emphasis the issue.. not once but over and over again.  Yup,
that was me when we were looking to buy this beauty!  Too funny!

I love the little entry way into this room.  Great for extra storage.  The
bench was bought at auction.. the hydrangeas are from my backyard..
the basket is filled with file folders jammed with inspiration torn from
magazines. And the wallpaper?  Individually pasted from a vintage
gardening book.  I really enjoyed this project and was so tickled when
it was completed.  Darling Husband comes along to admire my work but
notices that there is a corner not glued down. Instantly, he pulls it off!
I LOVED that little quirk in sea of perfection! Gone! GONE!! Some people
don't get it.

So, come on in!  You will notice that things are pretty clean and sparse.  
Several months ago, it looked filled to the brim.. every nook and cranny filled.
I love seeing that look but for me it was too disjointed and busy.  For those
who have been to art retreats and have sat next to me, you know the waste
bin has to be in very close proximity to where I am working.  Clutter drives 
me crazy.  Enough said.  And see the little work table?

It can easily slide under my larger work station!  Out of the way for
those times when you need to do some wild crazy dancing!

So back to the little table.... my mannequin is wearing an apron I made
for Kim Caldwell's Moulin Rouge event.  I took a skirt, attached a bib
to it, embellished it with bits from a vintage crocheted placemat.. and
Voila! Very flouncy!!

My major work station.  As in this one seems to hold most of the overflow
when working on a project.  Two  chippy chests supporting butcher block
counter top from IKEA. Lots of storage here! Oh.. and in case I forget to
mention later, the duffel bag in the far right (there are two) are old
navy duffel bags holding masses of laces!

Is this not gorgeous??  I was the lucky bidder at a country auction! Love!!

Bookcases, that belonged to my aunt, filled with clear bins from the
Container Store.. who doesn't love that place?!  Very tidy, I know... but
I have come to the conclusion that my main focus is textiles, book making,
collage, and jewelry.  Ok... truth be told I take jewelry classes.  Love the tools.
Love seeking out the bits and pieces.  And that's where it comes to a screeching
halt.  I'm flawed!!!! 

I mean, who can't be entranced by the bling???? Notice the top can't shut?
Another trip to the Container Store for the shoe box size.  If I ever bump 
up to the sweater size, just come over and slap me silly if I haven't started
to create something with these beauties!

Love old paper.... love, love, love!!

And of course, fabric.  I have been my way around many a fabric store,
when I was little, and it still calls to me.  The funny thing was when I 
did my reorg, I thought I wouldn't have enough space.  I thought I had
overdosed on collecting.  Well, people, I am beyond thrilled to see I have
more room left.  Now, where are my car keys?  Time to go hunting!!

Magnetized containers holding beads set on a hanging vintage screen window

"Wall Art" on the closet door......

And inside the closet?  Take a peak!

gobs of buttons.... I can't help myself!

Two drawers full of ribbon and twine... 
What a tangled web it was but I think I tamed the wild beast, don't you?

Back to the entry way of my studio where there is a double door closet.
The backbone to every project is housed here.

Well, that is it!  Tour done!  NOT!  Like most of us, there is never enough
collecting.  As I mentioned, I love books. Making books. Collecting journals.
Down the hall, in the guest bedroom, I keep all my supplies in here....

Think we're done NOWWWW?????  Of course not!  Take a walk down into

the basement and there is more stuff that is beautiful in my eyes! Like...

(Oh... before I forget.  See the box labeled "hotel cards"?  Oh, yeah..I keep
every single one from my trips.  That was the inspiration for the book I 
created in Pages premier issue.  What a thrill that was! )

like.... oval mini picture frames......... glitter stored in vintage perfume

victorian photo albums purchased at only the right price....

... and projects started but not completed. 

So there you have it!  My studio and my stuff!  I can't thank my new friend,
Karen Valentine, enough for organizing this!  AND for creating my new 
blog design.  She has the patience of Job as I have so much to learn on
the computer and she never once made me feel like a bumbling idiot! Karen
listened to my every thought on how I wanted my image to be and she
so got me!  She really got me!!  

Enjoy your day!  As for myself... I believe I hear a garage sale calling my 
name.  Or is it a road trip to an antique mall.  Or should I be responsible
and finish painting and distressing my mantle?  Nahhhhhh... now where
are those car keys?  And does anyone want to join me??!!