Monday, March 11, 2013


Things that make you go "ahhhhh"... 

For instance, sitting in the car waiting to pick your child up from school.  As the clock strikes three, masses of children pour out from the front doors.  You get distracted by a phone call or a text until you hear a rap on the car window.  Startled back to reality, a smile comes over your face and you have an "ahhhh" moment.  There he is... standing there waiting for you to unlock the car door. You love him even as he plops onto the passenger side, rolling his eyes at the expression on your face!

Or perhaps you have an "ahhhhh" moment as you're standing at the kitchen sink preparing dinner.  You look up, gazing out the window to see your husband in the front yard playing soccer with the kids.  Last you knew he was up on a ladder cleaning out the gutters.  There he is, huffing and puffing with a smile on his face at the pleasure of being with the munchkins!  Truly an "ahhhhh" moment!

I strongly feel you should make a point to be aware of those  moments that warm your heart when you light your eyes upon something.  Even your home should make you go "ahhhh" when entering a room or perhaps coming through the back door.  Little touches that make you smile.  Mine?  The entrance to my studio which is in my home.

 As I come to the top of the stairs, this entrance catches my eye each and every time.  That's because it draws my eyes into the room to glance at this vignette.  The chair was one I bought at an estate sale. And next to that are vintage suitcases that serve a much needed purpose.

 Each one houses either vintage papers for bookbinding, old sheet music or handouts from the many classes I've taken. With limited space in the room, I had to get creative with where to store things and I liked this idea better than using baskets. Resting on top is an old ironstone water pitcher from my husband's grandmother.  Filled with flowers that languish over the rim. So simple but gives me such pleasure each and every time I look at this grouping!

And at night, I leave the mini-chandelier turned on which casts such a warm glow to the room.
As I come up the stairs, at the end of the day, out the corner of my eye I see this.  I hesitate for just a second as I enter the room to turn out the light.  Yes,  I do go "ahhhhh" each and every time!!

What room makes you go "ahhhh"?  What touches make you hesitate and bring a contented smile to your face?  I would love to hear your comments!


  1. So many things make me go "aahhhh" these days as I more and more try to live in the moment and appreciate everything that surrounds me. Your studio pictures are also definitely "aaahhhh worthy". Hope you have a whole day full of "aaahhhs"!

  2. Hi Kadee, beautiful room you have! To be honest, mine makes me shout AAAAAAAHHH because of the huge mess :) My ahhh moments are the ones when I see my sweet little son playing and having fun.
    Hugs and happy day, Wendy

  3. Wonderful post Kadee. Seeing a beautiful rose in a vase or outdoors, or some pretty pink fabric or yarn just waiting to be made into something makes me go ahhhhh. It's the beautiful simple things that make my heart sing a little softer.

  4. Your ahhhhh moments brought back so many memories for me Kadee of when our children were growing up. I have them too still as I look at vignettes around my home. And I love my husband more each and every day.

  5. I would be ahhhhhhing too for a spot like you have in my home. Love the stack of suitcases. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I had an Ahhhh moment when I looked at the picture of the chair and suit cases. I can see why you love to walk by and look at that beautiful vignette. Very pretty.

  7. It seems like as I get older, more and more things give me ahhh moments. And, in my home, the thing that makes me go ahhhh the most is when the beautiful sun light comes streaming through the windows. :-)

  8. Hi Kadee,
    I think my AHHHHH moment was seeing your first pic and part of your gorgeous creative space. Simply divine. I love the vintage case stack with your gorgeous flowers spraying about. The chair is perfect.
    You are so right about taking time to notice our surroundings and what is going on that brings us to an ahhhh moment. Life is so short, we sure don't want to miss any of it.
    I have many ahhhh's but at this very moment, as I type this, I just looked out my studio window and see my gorgeous roses filled with buds and ready to bloom. It is an ahhhh moment for sure.

    Wonderful post my friend and inspirationally written.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  9. This was an Ahhh moment, just reading your lovely post. I am so struggling with our new house, picking curtains, bedding, paint colors, what to hang where... so to just stop and look at one done corner, one done setting, one done vignette and realizing that I like that corner, that setting, that vignette. Thanks for the smile today and the Ahhh moment, the moment I didn't take the time to realize was there!

  10. Like you, my ahhhh moments used to be when I picked my girls up from school. That was my favorite time of day. I loved hearing them chatter about the things that happened in school that day. Now that they are grown, I find myself looking forward to the days I can pick up my grandchildren from school to hear the same chatter. I just sit there and smile while soaking it all in.

    1. Aren't you lucky to be able to do that sometime in the future! That must mean your grown children live in the same town. What fun that will be and I can just imagine you sitting in the front seat grinning ear to ear!!

  11. That area into your room is surly and Ahhhh moment, it is lovely indeed.
    I had an ahhhh moment just last week when I arrived at my granddaughters daycare (I try to get her there once a week) and she came running over to me, she is 15 months old.
    I agree, we should all take more time to reflect on these moments.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. I NEEEEEED you to help me put Humpty Dumpty together again. I just can't get my mo jo going on this new house. I think I'm over whelmed! And I don't think it's going to get better any time soon. HUGS FRIEND!

  13. Just stopped by your lovely blog, what a beautiful craft room!! Looking at these pretty pictures was definitely an aahhhhh moment for me!! Have a nice day, Lori

  14. That is a gorgeous vignette! I wish I could use storage like you do those suitcases; my problem is that if I can't see it I forget it's there!

  15. I love your vignette Kadee! I have some old suitcases just sitting in my closet. I don't like the colors of them, but I've seen some painted ones I liked. Maybe I'll try them like this.