Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lucky Dog!

A while back I held a giveaway on my blog... and yes, I need to do another one soon!  After all, not only is it fun for you, my readers, but I also love the excitement of wondering who will be the lucky recipient!  Knowing that more are to come, I had this idea to create my own number system for choosing the winner.  So hold on.... here we go!

A number of blogs have been posting about painting the inside of a glass jar and it intrigued me.  Selecting one that had a wide mouth, I used a paint pot sample and poured a bit of it in.  Swirling it around, I was tickled with instant gratification to see the paint adhere!  It worked!  Now to adorn the outside.
 I selected an image from The Graphics Fairy falling in love with this dog image.  The expression on his face and the bold colors contrasted nicely with my paint selection.  Then the name of this jar hit me..... "Lucky Dog"! He's highlighted by the cream colored oval edged in smudged graphic pencil. You'll see the finished piece at the end of this post. I now needed to move on making individual numbered pieces.
I used glass bubbles which was something I already had... don't you love when you spend so much time collecting things and it pays off down the road??!  Numbers were printed on book pages for added texture and both were adhered with ModPodge.
Next, I cut around the circle making sure that the paper didn't extend beyond the edge.
A total of 75!  I know.. I know... you all are shaking your heads wondering why did I go to such extremes!  LOL  Well, the reason is I have been wanting to practice my soldering!
It had been ages since I got out my soldering iron and I just had a lovely afternoon working away.  Bubbles aren't the easiest to solder as the bead seems to go around and around! My hat's off to all my soldering artist friends!  However, what a peaceful afternoon I had. I now understand why they chose that medium as a way to express themselves.
There they are... delicious little bubbles edged in shiny silver!  Cute, right?
So how did this all turn out???  Take a look!
My Lucky Dog glass jar with 75 number bubbles!  Next time I have a giveaway you will know how the lucky winner was selected!  Lucky dog that you are!


  1. In my absence I had lost your blog feed so I am very happy to re-find you. Your Lucky Dog with the soldered number marbles is uber cute! Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  2. Oh I want to be the Lucky Dog, Lucky Dog! What a great idea, so sweet. di@Cottage-wishes

  3. This is super cute and what a great way to pick your lucky winners. I love the dog's face too. So sweet. Happy Easter.

  4. Oh kadee you are so creative! Love the number bubbles. Always look forward to seeing what you will be up to next!

  5. So cool -- you had a chance to relax, practice, create, and end up with something lovely!

  6. You are so clever!!! Happy Creating my sweet friend!


  7. Hi Kadee,
    You turn everything to gold my friend ~ or silver in this case!! I love your Lucky Dog and number bubbles. Such a darling idea. You are so talented.
    Wishing you a wonderful Easter filled with blessings.
    Hugs, CM

  8. You are so very creative...beautiful and functional!! Love it!

  9. I can't believe you made this it's gorgeous! I am really impressed.


  10. So cute! Can't wait to see you at The Vintage Market. Blessings... Polly

  11. I love this!! You are so clever and what fun you'll have with it.
    Mary Alice

  12. Good evening Kadee,
    I just love what you have done to the vase, and the number bubbles are genius!
    Beautiful work.
    Thank you so much for your visit and kind words about Bebe..
    Wishing you a beautiful Easter.

  13. These are really nice Kadee! They even remind me of something you could make bracelets or even necklaces out of if you had the right mechanisms lol

  14. you are one talented lady. I wish you'd give away that Lucky Dog vase, but think you're not that crazy!

  15. What a great idea, Kadee! Love it!
    enJOY a sweet today,